Review: Bridgestone '17 e6 Soft/Speed Golf Balls

“The Most Important Item In The Bag Is The Ball” – Tiger Woods
When one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game says this about a golf ball and then chooses Bridgestone as the ball to be in his bag, there must be a reason. Last year Bridgestone launched four new types of B330 golf balls and it changed the golf ball in my bag very quickly. This year Bridgestone launches two new versions of the e6 golf ball that will make others take notice about what should be in their bag for STRAIGHT DISTANCE.
Bridgestone is the industry leader when it comes to golf ball fitting. No one in the golf ball market today does more data testing than Bridgestone Golf. As is pointed out on the inside cover of the testing box. Like Tiger Woods said, “The Most Important Item In The Bag Is The Ball.” This means getting fitted for the right ball is extremely important.

Every company claims the technology in the product they are selling is the next greatest thing to hit the market.  Bridgestone backs up this by implementing a few new changes to the e6 balls to make them very different and better than the last model.

The Bridgestone e6 SOFT is a high performance ball with an incredible soft feel. It is designed to produce low driver and long iron spin for incredible STRAIGHT DISTANCE. The advance mantle and cover work in unison to provide incredible approach and greenside performance.

The Bridgestone e6 SPEED is a high performance ball with remarkable initial velocity. The core is designed to provide incredible speed and low spin off the driver to deliver STRAIGHT DISTANCE. Core to cover, this multilayered ball delivers optimum performance tee to green.


The construction of the e6 SOFT and e6 SPEED are combined with the new Delta Dimple. Designed to allow smoother air resistance around the ball and to resist pop ups, the Delta Dimple is designed for straight distance. I like the look of the new Dimples and since airflow in the ball is what distance is mostly about, I am very excited to play these outside in windy conditions. The B330 is my current ball and has excellent flight in windy conditions.

For testing purposes, based on results from last year’s testing of the B330 line up, I choose to add the gamer ball in my bag the B330. I wanted to see how well my current gamer stacks up against the competition and find out if I’ll be switching to a new Bridgestone ball this season. I also included the help of a Division 1 college golfer to test the golf balls and see what results would be gained.

The numbers are clear in the difference between the leading golf balls in the market today verses the new line of e6 Soft and e6 Speed golf balls by Bridgestone. I really like the way each of the new e6 golf balls feel and perform. To be worthy of my recommendation of a golf ball, I put my money where my mouth is. The 2017 e6 Soft and e6 Speed golf balls are worth the purchase. I will be buying them both and putting them to good use. If you want Straighter Distance, I recommend you look into getting some Bridgestone e6 Soft or e6 Speed golf balls to see it for yourself.

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Quick Hits:
+ Two versions to best fit your game
+ Numbers Don’t Lie
+ Straighter Distance
+ Two color options
+ Better Value and Better Results