Review: Bettinardi Studio B - MN

The gift that is guaranteed to fit
It can be hard to buy gifts for golfers that have it all, but I think this might be the easiest gift to get or to give this holiday season because it is guaranteed to fit.  Bettinardi’s putter fitting is so high-tech it can fit anyone with any putter stroke, along with giving you some pointers if you really struggle on the greens.
They first start with a couple test runs of your current favorite putter, and then go from there to see about getting you properly fit for a new Bettinardi.  While getting a new putter is not required, it is fun to get a new putter, especially since Bettinardi putters are some of the most beautiful putters around.

The 4 different cameras get every angle from set-up, to swing, to roll, to angle of attach, they simply don’t lie.  So if you are cutting the ball, pulling it, popping it, or simply all out of sorts, you can see it all on the computer screen. 

The fitter will start with your address to the ball.  Are your eyes over the ball? Then you will move on to lie angle, do you have your putter flat on the ground?  Is your putter the right length? Is it the right loft?  All these things can be determined in just a short amount of time by drawing some lines on the screen.

While I thought I had my last putter fit pretty well, since I did putt well with it, I learned that it was a ½” too long causing some putting compensations.  It took just a few minutes to cut it down and regrip it. Just like that, my putting got better in so many ways.  Better stroke, better alignment, better roll, it really was shocking what a ½” could do.

Let’s be honest, the most strokes can be gained or lost on the green, so having the best fitting putter is worth every penny.  If you just get your own putter fit, it will cost $150, but if you get a new Bettinardi, they will throw that in with your new putter.  I am really excited about having my new Bettinardi Queen B II putter fit perfectly for my needs. (Review..Here!!)

So if you are looking to get or give a perfectly fitting gift this year, check out the Bettinardi Studio B in Minnetonka, MN’s 2nd Swing.

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Quick Hits
+A fitting that works and helps
+Cameras for every putter angle
+Technicians that can fit and fix your putting
+So many options of putters to try

–Only 3 Studio B’s in the country