REVIEW: Adidas Tour360 XT Twin BOA Shoes

Is There Anything Better Than BOA?
Yes! Twin BOA
I think BOA is one of the best inventions for shoes. The precise fit, the easy on and off, the durability, the comfort and the “staying tied” are all features I love about BOA. If you asked me the question “if there is anything better than BOA?” I would have said no. Then comes the Adidas Tour360 XT Twin BOA Shoes and they change my mind. Yes there is something better; Twin BOA. If there was ever a complaint about BOA it would be the uniform “tightness” of the fit. While there are benefits to that; everyone’s feet and desired fit are different. Twin BOA allows you dial in specificly in two areas of the shoe. This really puts it over the top. Pairing Twin BOA on one of the best spiked shoes made; the Adidas Tour360 XT shoes, make for a killer combo.
Yes, you have probably guessed it, I’m a big fan of BOA.  Every pair of shoes I’ve ever had with BOA are some of my favorites.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wish every shoe could be made with BOA.  The small increments of adjustment allow you to get the fit just right and is easily changed if it is too tight or too loose.  BOA doesn’t come loose, and is the easiest system for getting shoes on and off with their full “lace” release.  Twin BOA makes even more sense for an even more precise fit.  There is a mid foot BOA and an upper BOA.  The mid-foot BOA is attached to a “wrap” to secure your foot, while the upper BOA goes all the way around the heel for the most encompassing fit.  If you want a shoe that is impossible to swing out of, these are it. If you lock these in with Twin BOA, the Adidas Tour360 XT Twin BOA shoes won’t come off, no matter how hard you pull on them

The Adidas Tour360 XT Twin BOA shoes are a great shoe, even without the Twin BOA.  They are comfortable right out of the box.  They have Boost which is absolutely perfect for walking; the combo of firm cushion rebounds nicely on each step while still feeling soft.  The raised arch area maintains goof support around the foot.  They flex nicely from day one while maintaining a good structure even after 5 rounds.  They are waterproof and hold up well in the wet and mud.  While I don’t worry about that much in AZ, during overseed season they saturate the courses heavily to get the new grass to grow so I tried them in some sloppy conditions and they held up perfectly.  The spikes on the sole grip like crazy as do the lugs that are between the spikes.  If you play on a real leafy course this fall, you will probably be cleaning those off the sole regularly.

The Adidas Tour360 XT Twin BOA shoes are a fantastic shoe in every way.  The only noticeable issue is that the Twin BOA takes a little more rigid design so that the shoes are quiet as flexible out of the box and the non-BOA version.  While they don’t need time to break in like golf shoes did 10 years ago, they aren’t going to be as supple on day one.  The Twin BOA which wraps all the way around the foot and heel uses some stiffer material to accommodate the BOA “laces” and wheel.  It maybe lasts a round or two before it feels completely broke in.  It isn’t going to blister up your feet, but you may notice the stiffness initially.

The Adidas Tour360 XT Twin BOA shoes would be first on my list of shoes to check out for you next pair of golf shoes.  If you want a precise fit, durable shoe, super comfort, easy on and off, full waterproof, and amazing traction; these are the shoe for you.  Twin BOA makes the already great Adidas Tour360 XT shoe even better.  I didn’t think you could improve on BOA until I tried these Twin BOA shoes. Go check them out to get dialed in to a perfect fit.

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Quick Hits:
+Twin BOA is awesome
+Comfortable right out of the box
+Outstanding traction
+Boost is great under foot
+Precise fit
+Easy on and off