BGT Stability Tour Black Putter Shaft Review

Putter Shafts?? We Talking Putter Shafts?!?


Tyler Fitzel
Author at Independent Golf Reviews

BGT Stability Tour Black Putter Shaft-min

T_Fity tested the Stability Tour Black putter shaft in a Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Laguna 2.5 that has been his gamer for over 15 years.  It was tested on-course for multiple rounds as well as indoors on various practice greens.

This is the definitive BGT Stability Tour Black Putter Shaft Review for 2021.

BGT Stability Tour Black Putter Shaft-min
BGT Stability Tour Black Putter Shaft – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: BGT offers their Stability Putter shaft in a sleek tour black model with 30% more carbon and 13% less size.

  • ✅  Pros: State of the Art Technology, Streamlined and Slim Look, Tour Preferred Control and Feel, Works on Any Putter, Make More Putts.

  • ⛔  Cons: The cost of some complete putters.

  • ⛳  Verdict: BGT makes one cool looking putter shaft that will improve your putting.


I’m the guy at Independent Golf Reviews that talks about shafts on woods, irons and wedges.  Most golfers I fit will go out of their way to tell me that the shaft is the most important part of the club. They want to make sure they have the right shaft in every club. Yet, when I fit a putter, not one person asks me if the putter shaft is correct for them. A putter swing has the same elements as any other club such as Club Path, Face Angle, Attack Angle and Hit Location, which results in Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Spin Rate and Direction. It was only a matter of time before a putter shaft caught up with technology like the shafts in other clubs.  Breakthrough Golf Technology and the Stability Tour Black putter shaft is that shaft. I tested the Stability Tour Black putter shaft in a Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Laguna 2.5 which has been my gamer for over 15 years. It hit all the marks on what I normally judge equipment by and changed my thoughts on buying another putter without a BGT shaft.

The goal of the BGT Stability Putter Shaft is to improve putter specific motion and performance. The work of Barney Adams, a true pioneer in the game of golf, means technology in shafts has finally made its way to the putter. Simply put The putter shaft has not changed for over 50 years; it’s a simple steel pipe. Over the years head designs for putters have evolved and gotten dramatically heavier. This has resulted in shafts that are not stable or strong enough to keep these heavier, advanced putter heads from oscillating, twisting and turning. In fact, the strongest part of the putter shaft is under the hands, where it does the least good; the weakest part is near the club head.”


I heard an engineer from one of the top club manufacturers once say, “Technology is about materials and application.” From that point on, I’ve tried to break down equipment with that thought in mind. As Breakthrough Golf Technology says, Stability limits unwanted movement by stiffening the shaft by 25% without abolishing feel and reducing torque by almost 50%, to deliver the club face squarer at impact.”

The technology in a Stability Tour Black shaft helps to improve aspects of the putting stroke we normally wouldn’t think of. The new Stability Tour Putter shaft has added 30% more high modulus carbon fiber to help increase stiffness from their original shaft and balances like steel to allow for exact swing weight matching. It has a 13% reduction in the shaft diameter, making the Stability Tour shaft have a more streamlined transition from the graphite section to the steel tip. I really like the black-out appearance which blends well with nearly any putter head and has a smooth gloss, but not shiny coating. The contrast of black and silver with my putter set up has people asking me about what I am putting with. 

Feedback is the name of the game when we are talking about shafts. The first thing I noticed when I took the putter to the course is the response on each hit. I could tell a center strike from an off-center strike and if it was  higher or lower instantly. I could also feel how much stiffer the shaft was compared to the steel shaft that was in the putter. 


Does the shaft improve your putting? I think it does. I found the biggest gains with the Stability Tour Black shaft in speed control. The ball stayed on my intended line much better and at least a few putts a round have gone in with better pace. I’ve also noticed on longer putts my speed control is better. I don’t feel any lag with my putter like I did with the steel shaft.  BGT offers 3 tip diameters to choose from and a raw starting length of 37” , these shafts will work on just about any putter you want. They have very easy instructions on how to reshaft or convert an existing putter on your own, or send the putter to them and they can do it for you. If you want more options, there is a BGT Stability Carbon shaft you can customize with color options or the BGT Stability Tour 2 Polar shaft which is the same as this shaft, just striking white optics. I will be looking at changing out a few putter shafts now that I’ve had a chance to experience the BGT Stability Tour Black putter shaft.

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Tyler Fitzel – Author at Independent Golf Reviews
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