REVIEW: Big Teeth Golf Headcovers

Racing Stripes Golf Headcovers
Big Teeth Golf offers some stylish custom headcovers made by Craftsman Golf.  These headcovers can be found on Amazon.  They sell some really nice looking headcovers at a very reasonable price.  The 3-peice set that most golfers use; Driver, 3-wood and Utility sells for about $50 shipped to your door, all with the convenience of Amazon.  Their “racer” style comes in a couple colors so that you can match your bag.
Big Teeth created some stylish headcovers at a lower price for the consumer.  But that doesn’t mean that you are getting a lesser quality product.  They are still a high quality cover.  The synthetic leather is actually really nice feeling and offers excellent protection for the head.  The inner fleece lining is also done in way that allows the cover to stretch a little over larger heads, yet not getting too bulky.  The stitching and seaming is all very high quality.  I’ve had zero issues with the covers.  If you want to read more about Craftsman Golf, follow this link.

The reason to buy Big Teeth Golf headcovers is the convenience of Amazon.  As someone who doesn’t live close to a golf store, buying golf gear is done mostly online.  While you can order products direct from the manufacturer or company, the ability to click only a couple buttons and be done is nice and easy.  You don’t have to type in all your information, just use your amazon account.

Big Teeth Golf Headcovers offer their own custom designs.  If you like the “racer” look and color along with the convenience of Amazon shopping, check these out.

For more information: Link to Big Teeth Golf Headcovers on Amazon