Review: Big Max IQ+ Push Cart

Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist to Figure This Cart Out.

Push carts are becoming more and more popular.  As golfers young and old realize the benefits of walking and pushing compared to carrying clubs on your back or riding on a power cart, they will keep increasing in popularity.  Big Max has been the most popular cart in Europe for years.  This year they are making a push into the US market with a couple of different push cart models.  The IQ+ is one of their 3-wheel models.  What makes it stand out is the simplicity in which it folds up or down.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this cart out.

The cart, when folded, is smaller than the common US brands.  The way that the front wheel folds underneath and into they body of the cart makes it take up just a little less space.  Which, as the driver of a MINI Cooper, comes in handy.  But the requirements to unfold it are simple, a push of a red button flips the front wheel straight down, and the flip of the red lever will open the rest of the cart, then lock the handle in place, strap your golf bag in and away you go.  Another nice feature to save even more space is that they wheels are easily removable for an even smaller footprint.

It is very lightweight, just about the lightest cart I’ve tested.  This too is a nice feature from getting it in and out of the car to pushing it down the fairway.  Yet, the construction seemed very sturdy.  After multiple rounds I didn’t have any concerns about durability, it still seems like new and I think it will go 100s of rounds with no problems.  It also is very well balanced.  The weight seems evenly distributed between the 3 wheels so I didn’t find a tendency to tip over.  I didn’t read anything about correcting a tracking problem, but mine went perfectly straight right out of the box anyways.  The airless tires rolled smoothly across all surfaces.

A really nice feature that Big Max has is their interchangeable accessories.  They click in with a push of a button and lock down to the cart nicely.  The cart comes with an umbrella holder, and you can get others off their website.  It is the easiest system of any cart I’ve used called the Max Quick Fix, which means no screwing stuff down hoping to get it tight enough to stay in place.  The “glove-box” is one of the biggest of any cart I’ve used, but it is soft sided, which means all your stuff kind of jumbles together, rather than having it’s own separate slot. I’m surprised that it doesn’t come with a cup holder included.  I just threw my water bottle in the “glove box”. 

The brakes is a lever on the side which engages a pin into the 3-spoke wheel.  It isn’t a quick or tight lock which can be nice when you forget, but it may take a 1/3 of a tire rotation to stop the cart.  I didn’t have any issues with my cart trying to run away with the brake on, it does its job. 

The only downside of the Big Max IQ+ is the way that brackets hold certain bags on the cart.  They were too far apart for a couple of my stand bags.  My taller stand bags worked, but lightweight/compact ones didn’t.   I like the bungee straps that they use, but they worked best for cart bags.  The cart design also has the cart on a little more of an incline than some other brands.  While it wouldn’t be a deal breaker, just be aware that the clubs are close to the “glove box”, especially the wedges.  The benefit of that angle means less club clanging, because gravity holds them tighter in their slots, but maybe not quite as convenient for removal and insertion into the bag.

Another really nice feature of the IQ+ design is how high the bag rides off the ground.  While this might not seem like a big deal, but it is nice pushing through taller grass and sloppy conditions.  The first round I used the cart on was the MN opener.  There was still a little snow in places and it was rather sloppy,  yet at the end of 18 holes, my bag didn’t have any mud on it, which was an unexpected surprise, but really nice that is keeps your bag cleaner.

The Big Max IQ+ is an easy cart to fold and unfold and it takes up a tiny footprint when folded.  It is feature packed and is super easy to use.  It rolls smoothly and is very sturdy.  It will work best with a bigger stand bag or cart bag.  I think there is a place for Big Max push carts in the USA.  The many things they offer will appeal to golfers as hopefully more start using push carts to play golf.  So easy that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out this cart.

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Quick Hits
+Smallest folded size
+Easy to fold and unfold
+Sturdy construction
+Big “glove box”

–Won’t hold small stand bags
–Bag angle is slightly more horizontal
–No cup holder included

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