Review: Bluffworks Pants

#WearEverYouRoam - Now w/ More Options
I’m now on to my 3rd year with Bluff Pants and I have honestly worn them everywhere for every occasion.  They’ve been my “go-to” pants for church, office, parties, golf and just about everything else in between.  Their durability, fit and wrinkle free material make them perfect for just about anything.  My first pair has finally seen its demise from rub wear, I wore a hole right through the fabric after about 3 years of wearing them at least twice a week.  Just recently they expanded from their regular pants to add, chinos, slim fit, shorts and even shirts.  You now can literally use them everywear!!
The new Bluff options that I tried out were a redesign to their original pant which is now called their Heritage collection and their Chinos.  Everything that you will read below is the same.  Quality, durability, wrinkle free, looks, etc.  The only real change is the cut.  The new Original cut is just a touch slimmer and the Chinos are even slimmer yet.  So if you had a perfect fit in the Heritage collection, you might need to consider going just an inch up or even relaxed fit.  I found the Chinos rather tight on my calves.  The Originals are still a good fit, just slightly tighter.

Bluff works is not a golf company, they are a small pants company from NY that make highly detailed pants to be used for any and every occasion; golf just happens to be one of the great uses of them.  So far I have worn them on the course, out on the town, playing soccer in the yard with my boys, at work, to a wedding, on a plane, and for an 8 hour car ride.  There is simply nothing that these pants aren’t comfortable to wear for.  I have a couple pair now and rotate wearing them during the week.  Nothing holds up better to the constant abuse I put my pants through.

As you can see from the picture above, Bluff Works pants are all about the details.  The screen printed pockets, the extra pockets, the zippers, the button, the loops, the strong seams; they all add up to exceptional details for a pair of pants.  The pockets, especially the extra zippered ones are awesome just in case you have something that can’t fall out.  The most ingenious pocket has to be the cell-phone one.  I don’t like my phone in the front pockets, nor do I like sitting on it.  Bluff Works has a small phone specific pocket high and off to the side on the back of the pants for my iPhone.  It fits perfectly and is really comfortable.  The other pockets are deep and hold everything securely.

While there are lots of great pockets in these pants, I think that the fit is what makes them really good pants.  I was able to order my regular size 34×30 and have them fit perfectly in the Heritage, great in the Original and a little tight in the Chino.  I have very thick legs and these offer a trim fit.  I like the more fitted look, but getting it right is important too.

The highlight of the material has to be their wrinkle resistance.  I have a number of pants that claim to be wrinkle free and for the most part they are, but none of them can match what Bluff Works pants offer.  You can sit for hours, walk, run, roll around, even pack them in a suitcase and they will still be smooth and wrinkle free.  Wear and wash makes them ready to go day after day.  It is slightly stiffer than some other pants, but I think that just helps keep them wrinkle free and is why they are so durable.  The Chinos have a more brushed feel to them compared to the Originals.

My favorite combo has to be Vesti Ascendand Bluff Works.  The blue shirt and tie from Vesti Ascendi paired with the Bluff Works grey  or black pants looks amazing.  The stylish combo works on or off the course.  I can go right from a work meeting to the course looking great and yet still very comfortable to play golf in.  Bluff Works pants are not the cheapest pants, but for what you get from a style and durability standpoint, they are worth every penny.  Some of the new colors are really impressive.  The True Black is the darkest black pant you can buy.  While that might sound funny, trust me, you can see the difference.

After 2 years of wearing (and washing) Bluff Works pants, they still makes the best pair of pants that I own.  The full function, great style, unique details, wrinkle-free and crazy good durability makes them ideal for on or off the course.

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Quick Hits
+Stylish design
+Best wrinkle free pants
+So many thoughtful pockets
+Out of this world durable
+1″ size options
+Made in the USA

–New cuts are a little smaller