REVIEW: Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder

Upgrades Worth the Investment
Every year brings new models across the board for golf companies.  They always try to convince us that new is better.  While sometimes that is true, often times it isn’t worth the investment.   A new paint job and 100 rpms less probably isn’t going to increase our driving distance.  A new name for a product doesn’t  mean we should go out an buy it.  Some products have a longer shelf life than others and don’t need to be upgraded very often.  I’ve often put laser rangefinders in that category.  I have a 10 year old laser rangefinder that still works great for getting accurate distances.  The new Bushnell Tour V5 Shift  has upgrades that are worth the investment.
Bushnell is the clear leader in golf laser rangefinders.  They have long been considered the best in the business.  While they might not have competitors at their level, the low end market is gaining steam and making a great product year after year means upgrades aren’t always necessary.  The new Tour V5 Shift might look like “another year, another model” at first glance, but I am impressed by the upgrades.  The “bite” magnet, the improved optics, the optional slope, and the new details make this an upgrade worth considering.
The BITE Magnetic mount really is a game changer for laser rangefinders.  The Bushnell Tour V5 Shift isn’t their first model to have it, but this addition to their second tier model only makes sense.  It makes the laser rangefinder even handier and easier to use on the course.  Here in AZ, 90% of my rounds are on a power cart which makes BITE useful and helpful.  Just slap it up on the roof support bar and away you go.  It is ready to go and easily accessible for every shot.  I know it only takes a second longer to reach into the cup holder to get it out, but between it bouncing around, filling up a cup holder slot and potentially bumping your head on the roof, BITE is awesome.   The magnet is super strong and the Tour V5 Shift will not fall off, no matter how big of bump your go over.
Bushnell already has super clear optics, but the Tour V5 Shift has the most clear optics I’ve ever seen.  I was impressed the very first time I looked through the lenses how crystal clear and close the flag looked.  It looks like going from 1080p to 4K resolution on the TV.  It was goo before, but this is better.  Clearer optics make it easier to spot flags, lock onto them and just feel more confident about each distance you are seeking.
This is an accurate representation of on-course results.
This is an accurate representation of on-course results.
The Bushnell Tour V5 Shift has JOLT technology so you can be confident you hit the pin with your laser.  This helps speed things up so that you don’t have to shoot the distance multiple times just to confirm you have the correct distance.  It is both a visual JOLT with a red ring in the eye piece as well as the vibration alert.  The optional Slope adjustment makes this unit legal for tournament play and useful for practice rounds with just the slide of a switch.  Just move the B logo and you can turn it off and on.
The final detail of the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift that isn’t a “needle mover” but I found to be an excellent upgrade is the case.  While this doesn’t impact the accuracy or function on the course, the new case is more durable and more refined than previous cases.  It is now more of a “hardshell” type case and the bungee loop that holds it closed has a form fitted hook.  It is by far their best case to date.  It makes it really nice if you are walking and keep the laser in its case, or even if it is just the safe place between rounds.  I know it isn’t the reason to upgrade, but it certainly is nice.

Bushnell keeps upgrading their line and the Tour V5 Shift is worthy of the investment.  The improvements are really nice, the BITE magnetic mount, the increased clarity, the Slope switch and the improved case should at least give you reason to consider the upgrade.  Bushnell makes the best laser rangefinders in the business and these new upgrades are worth the investment.

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Quick Hits:
+BITE is awesome
+Super clear “4K” optics
+Slope switch for tournament play
+Excellent new case
+JOLT is quick and easy

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