Review: Caddy Tales Book

An easy reading good chuckle

We all need a good chuckle from time to time.  Life can be so depressing with its problems and failures.  Reading about someone else having struggles on the course can bring a smile to our face.

Scott Werner writes about his experiences as a caddy.  It allows the reader some insight into the life of a caddy and funny stories that come from his interaction with golfers.

This book is a collection of short stories from his career as a caddy.  It is an easy read.  I used it as my reading material on my return flight from my golfing vacation in Puerto Rico.  I read the whole book on my iPad in about 3 hours.  I’m probably an average reader.  So it is not something that is going to go on and on for weeks to finish reading it.

Scott has good stories that bring a smile to your face and a fairly easy style of writing.  A couple stories seemed to bog down in the details of the course, but most flowed nicely.  I don’t want to give any of the stories away, but the guy that almost shot 400 was by far the best.

If you need a good laugh, a quick read and some insight into the life of a caddy, this is a nice little book for you.  It is available in both print and e-reader formats.

For more information: CaddyTales

Quick Hits
+Easy read
+Funny stories
+Short book

–Some stories got bogged down in details