Review: Chase 54 Golf Apparel

Going after perfection through the details
54 is considered a perfect score in golf, it would require a birdie on every hole.  While this hasn’t been done in a PGA tournament, every pro dreams of that perfect score.  The only way to ever achieve something of that significance would be through great attention to detail on every single shot for the entire round.  While this may never happen, people are always chasing that dream.  A new apparel brand is going after their dream of creating the perfect golf apparel line.  Chase 54 realizes that only way to reach such a lofty, and possibly unattainable goal is through the details.  After wearing a wide variety of their apparel, they are as close as anybody in offering one of the best apparel lines in the business.  Their attention to all the little details is what makes their apparel great.
Apparel can sometimes be tough to evaluate, a polo shirt is a polo shirt and pants are pants, etc; but Chase 54 does things that other companies aren’t doing and has little details on each product that make it stand out in a crowded market.

This review may have a few less words than some simply because I think the pictures do the best job of showing off the Chase 54 line.  The polo shirts I received were all slightly different.  They included many different features that you don’t find in other companies’ shirts.  The variety of features in the overall line-up of apparel is impressive.  For a relatively newcomer to the golf apparel market, they have an amazingly wide selection of shirts.  They offer tech fabrics and cotton shirts, they have polo shirts and t-shirts.  I found some of my new favorites are Chase 54 shirts.  Their overall fit is slightly smaller than some other brands.  I ended up with size L while in many other brands I wear a M.  I still found them to have a great cut, not wide and baggy, but not tight or restrictive just a good balance.  The little details with the buttons, the stitching, the shoulder seem or the overall design is what Chase 54 excels at.  You can see all those features in the pictures.

The various materials are also very high quality.  Many of my Chase 54 shirts have been worn many times and still look like new.  They are holding up in both color and shape.  They are very comfortable and soft which adds to the desire to wear them regularly.  It seems that you should be able to find any color palette you prefer.  I think their catalog has every color under the sun available in some form or another.

Chase 54 not only offer great shirts, but they also have a very stylish line of pants and shorts.  These too have so many details that set them apart from their competition.  They have a variety of pocket cuts, they have grip tape on the inside of some of the pants, they have sewn in pleats, they have different styles of belt loops, they have zippers at the cuffs for easy on and off,  and they have slide and button closures.  The list really goes on and on with their pants.  They have 3 main styles with a variety of colors and plaids within each style.  They are some of the more stylish pants I own.  My only complaint with the pants is that they don’t offer lengths.  While I wish I had longer legs, it ain’t going to happen.  So the size 34×32 fit decent except they drag on the ground.  I’m sure I could take them to a tailor and get them sized, but with the zippers and details around the cuff area I’m not sure how that would all work.  With certain shoes they don’t drag too much, so I’ve got some use out of them, but it is one area where Chase 54 could improve their offerings.

I really feel that Chase 54 offers one of the best line-ups of apparel from top to bottom.  Their shirts have great detail and style.  You can find a more traditional look or a very modern look.  The cut and materials are all of the highest quality.  The short and pants are great and have a very modern fit to them, the only down-side is the lack of lengths.  I think they are going after perfection through the details and have done as well as anyone out there.  If you are looking for something new, refreshing that has great stylish details, check out Chase 54 Golf apparel.

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Quick Hits
+Great details
+Stylish designs
+High Quality fabrics
+Wide variety
+Comfortable cuts

–Lack of pant lengths