Review: Clicgear 3.5 Pushcart

The Best Push Cart Got Even Better
If you make the best product on the market, it can be hard to improve on it; yet that is exactly what Clicgear did with their 3.5 push cart.  For about 6 years now I’ve been using a Clicgear cart regularly for my rounds of golf.  I would say probably 90% of my rounds in a season are pushing a Clicgear cart.  I started with the 1.0 model, and actually had 2 of those I liked it so much, then I jumped right to the 3.0 model and have almost a thousand miles on that cart and in 2013 I already have close to 50 miles on the Clicgear 3.5 cart. 
I found it interesting that they went with the 3.5 model name instead of 4.0.  I think that just goes to show how the engineers think at Clicgear.  It needs a certain number of upgrades before it can go to the next full model and since this one only has 5 (I count 6) main upgrades it didn’t quite reach 4.0 status.  Even with that said, I still think that all of the upgrades found in Clicgear  3.5 cart are really great additions making the best cart even better.

First off I’ll start with the new paint.  While they don’t consider this an upgrade, I think it counts.  You can now get Clicgear carts with a matte finish.  I went with the all black finish and think it looks absolutely stunning.  Sometimes called the “murdered-out” look, the all black looks so great in matte.  While it doesn’t really impact the function of the cart, it does seem to be a little more durable and doesn’t seem to show the wear as quickly.  I already have 10 rounds on this cart and yet it still looks like new.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th upgrades are in the glove box area.  While the glove box itself is virtually unchanged, the netting just below it is now deeper and longer.  80% according to Clicgear. Percentage wise that is a big change, visually it isn’t.  The function of the increased storage space is nicer for tossing in your wallet, keys and other things that you might want close at hand.

The 3rd upgrade is the umbrella holder clips.  It is on the underside of the glove box and is just a little tighter.  While I don’t use it much, it does feel tighter engaging or disengaging the umbrella holder.  I didn’t have a problem with my previous one, but I’m guessing some people did and thus the change.

The other upgrade is the beverage holder.  At first I was skeptical of the smaller size, wondering if I could get a Gatorade bottle in it, but what I found is that this one will hold both the skinny Gatorade bottles as well as the larger sized ones.  Because of the spiral expansion design it will hold tight just about any size beverage container. (within reason)  It also holds the beverage much tighter, thus reducing spills and possible drops.

Another change in the Cliggear 3.5 is the attachment straps.  I have always appreciated the straps on the Clicgear carts.  Other companies have gone to a strapless design; I’m glad Clicgear hasn’t.  I like to know my bag and clubs will remain attached to the cart no matter the bump or jolt my cart will take.  The new straps and clasping system are longer, more adjustable, and easier to use.  The former straps didn’t have the biggest of hooks or the easiest grab-tabs for strapping the bag to the cart, but the new ones have big circles that are easy to grab and less likely to pinch.  They also have a system to adjust where they are along the straps with a slot on each side that can be disengaged to slide, but then engaged to lock the hook and tab into place.

The final change is the improved braking system.  Visually the brake is the same, but the locking cogs are easier to engage.  The pin is smaller and there are bigger cogs, so you are less likely to hit the dividers which at times happened in the past.  Before it was just a little roll forward or backward to engage the brake, now it isn’t necessary, it engages almost every time you flip the lever.

If you have a Clicgear 3.0 cart, it is kind of a toss up whether you want to upgrade to the 3.5.  It certainly offers many great and new features, but they are mostly just tweaks of the 3.0 cart.   If you have a 1.0, 2.0 or some other brand of push cart, then it is a no-brainer; you need to upgrade to a Clicgear 3.5 pushcart.  It is the best on the market.  They made the best push cart even better.

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Quick Hits
+The best push cart just got better
+5 or 6 upgrades really improve the product
+The new colors are awesome
+Easier brake and strap
+Improved glove box area functions well