Review: Club Whizz

It's as easy as walking down the fairway.
During a round of golf your clubs are going to get dirty.  The grooves will fill with grass and dirt from shots out of the rough or from the fairway.  It is simply the nature of the game.  It has been proven that clean grooves perform better than ones full of crud.  Over the years there have been many different accessories designed to get those grooves clean. Towels, brushes, buckets, etc… Now add to that list the Club Whizz, a brush attached to your push cart wheel that works while walking down the fairway.
The basic premise behind this brush is that once you are done hitting your shot you can just start walking down the fairway, holding your club against the brush as it spins with the wheel.  After a few seconds you will have clean grooves.  But not only can it clean club grooves, but it is removable to clean cart tires, shoe bottoms and just about any thing else that you need scrubbed.
This is a well thought out design.  The Club Whizz isn’t the only brush attached to a cart wheel on the market, but they are the best of what’s out there.  Here are a couple reasons why.  First, they are the only one that I’ve seen that is removeable.  If you squeeze the two green inner tabs it pops right off and works really well as a large brush in your hand.  Second, the brush doesn’t stick out making your cart looks like a chariot out of Ben Hur, it is compact.   I never once caught my leg on it, nor did I bump into anyone else with it, even with unattentive cart driving. Third, the bristles are a stiff nylon which means you can use them on any club, driver through putter without worry of harming the finish on a club.
The installation of the Club Whizz is very easy and comes with excellent instructions.  There are 3 hook like tabs which are clipped onto the rim of your push cart.  There is a central hub which houses the 3 straps.  After sliding the straps out, you then insert them back into the number slots while keeping them attached to the hooks.  From there it is just a matter of adjusting each strap to the proper length so that the hub is in the center of the wheel.  Even if you don’t get it perfect, it will ride and work just fine; it just may have a slight wobble.  The strap system is very secure and unless you really beat on your Club Whizz, it will stay in place for multiple rounds without any problems or movement.  A more permanent mounting system is included which requires you to drill holes and use screws through the spokes.  I didn’t do this, but I assume it would be rock solid.

On paper it sounds great, but does it work?  I’ve used it now on my push cart for about 6 rounds and I can say that it works well at getting the dirt and grime off the club very easily while walking down the fairways.  It worked best on wet days when the clubs got rather dirty, but the dirt was soft and there was plenty of moisture on the club and brush.  It struggled to get the grooves completely clean during drier conditions when the dirt was hard and crusted into the grooves right after the swing.  It didn’t seem to have enough power by just holding the club against the brush as it spun down the fairway.  Sometimes stubburn dirt needed extra help from a tee.  But that can even happen with a hand brush.  It kind of depends on how particular you are too.  The grooves might be clean, but the club will not be spotless, the only way to get that completely clean look is to finish wiping it off with a towel.

The greatest challenge of using the Club Whizz is the fact that you are walking down the fairway trying to hold a club at just the right angle with just the right pressure against the bristles.  It takes time learning just the right technique even for someone who is fairly coordinated. Initially there were many slips and slams into the hub, into the straps, even into the wheel itself.  You’re not going to damage the club or wheel (at least my many experinces with this caused no damage) but it might be a tad frustrating.  Let’s be honest, there are also those who struggle to multi-task, this will be way too difficult for them

While at times I struggled to use it while walking down the fairway, the Club Whizz’s greatest asset is that it can be removed for use on other items that need scrubbing as well as removal for transportation and storage.  My Clicgear cart just barely fits in the back of my MINI Cooper.  With the brush on, it didn’t fit, but with it removed it fit just like before.  The straps and hub didn’t get in the way.  You can also remove the brush to clean it and store it in a nice drawstring vented bag.  I really appreciated this fact after geese had recently visited the course I played.  I needed to scrub my clubs, my cart wheels, and my shoes after the round.  It was really nice to be able to put the brush in the bag and wash it off when I got home.

In general the Club Whizz worked great at cleaning the grooves of my clubs while walking down the faiway.  While it is not perfect, it certainly is the best push cart attached brush you can buy.  If you want a quality brush for cleaning your cart, shoes and clubs, this is it.  It is as simple as walking down the fairway to get clean grooves.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Easy cart installation
+Cleans grooves while walking
+Works on with any club
+Detachable for other scrubbing needs
+Sturdy construction

–Doesn’t always get 100% of the dirt
–Takes hand-eye coordination while walking