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Review: Cobra AMP Driver

I Love this Driver Head!
Over the last couple years Cobra has had 2 main lines of driver heads, their Composite head and their regular Titanium head.  While they both had their benefits and different golfers liked one or the other, I think the AMP is the compromise between the two.  It has a nice metallic sound like a titanium head, yet has a muted feel like the composite heads.  
So the head is said to have Advanced Material Placement.  I’m not exactly sure where they moved  things around, but I can say that I really like what they did.   It seems they mixed some composite materials in with a titanium  head.  The AMP head has the E9 elliptical face which offers incredible forgiveness and consistent distance even  on slightly off-center hits.  The sole has a slight rudder design to help reduce drag.  

The head color is eye catching with the nice metallic silver.  I actually kind of like it, I had a driver the exact same color when I was growing up. It was my first driver after persimmon and had the exact same silver color.  It was only ¼ of the size, but still I like the looks of the AMP driver. The black face looks great too, it even allow you to see where you are hitting the ball on the face.  The sole is a mixture of orange, black and silver which I like the looks of.  IT also comes with a nice stock headcover with some cut-outs for easy removal and a Lamkin 3gen orange grip.  While the combo is bright, I like how it looks.

 On the course, I found it fairly high launching in the neutral position so I opened it up and it was pretty close then to a good launch angle.  It really comes off the face with a pop, but seemed to spin more than I would like, especially into the wind.  I found many fairways with this driver, I just wasn’t quite maximizing distance with this shaft.  In just the right conditions I did hit a couple of huge bombs with this driver.

So the only downfall of this driver is the stock shaft.  The 55gram Aldila RIP is just not enough shaft.  It feels very loose, it spins too much and is just too light.  I think that a 65 gram low spin, mid-launch/low launch shaft would be
perfect.  I didn’t have access to additional tips with this club, but I think that there are some that might find this stock shaft perfect, but I think that if could just tweak the shaft, this would be my favorite driver of 2012.

 I like this head so much I am going to track down a tip so I can drop in a lower launching, lower spinning shaft.  I think this club has real potential.  If you are going to buy one off the rack, check to see how your numbers are, the head is amazing, but just make sure the shaft is fit for you, otherwise check into custom ordering one with the right fitting shaft.  If you read a number of my other reviews, you will see a similar thought, stock shafts just don’t cut it for me most of the time.   I just wish it was easier to get tips or custom shafts.

The all-orange version of this club might be a perfect fit for me since it has the Diamana Whiteboard in it. (low launch/low spin at 65 grams)  I think I will either need to track one of those down or find some tips because I really love this driver head.  I think you will too, just figure out which shaft is best for your swing.

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Quick Hits:
+Awesome combination of titanium and composite
+Forgiving face
+Bright looks
+Adjustable enough

–High-spin/lightweight stock shaft
–Access to shaft tips

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