Review: Cobra Bio Cell Pro Driver

Go with the Pro to Really Kill Spin
2014 is the year of low spin drivers.  Everyone is talking about getting lower spin, higher launch and longer drives.  It isn’t necessarily new, but making a driver that is low spin and playable is.  In the past you could get really low spin rates from 7.5* drivers or a 350cc heads, or you could have a forgiving, higher launching, and straight hitting driver with higher spin rates.  The Cobra Bio Cell Pro is a real spin killing driver, yet I found it to be really playable, it even is fairly forgiving.  So if you need to drop your spin numbers, go with the Pro.
After playing the regular Bio Cell and the Bio Cell + the bar was set pretty high for the Pro driver.  I’d had great results during the early part of my golf season with both of those drivers.  Great drives that turned into low scores really had me excited about the 2014 season.  As I looked that Flightscope charts for both of those drivers I realized that if I could cut just a little more spin off my driver stats, I could probably hit even longer drives.  My only concern was if I would give up accuracy for a couple more yards.  The Pro didn’t disappoint.

First things first;  the Cobra Bio Cell Pro is a spin killer.  I saw it both on the course and through the Flightscope Data that said this is the lowest spinning driver I have hit in 2014.  I was consistently hitting sub 2000 rpms on the range and on the course I would watch the ball bounce and bound down the fairway. 

The accuracy was the real surprise since this driver wasn’t any more difficult to hit than anything else I’ve played this year.  It wasn’t quite as forgiving as the Bio Cell, but yet I didn’t feel I like I was all over the course with it either.  I was still hitting most of the fairways during a round or was just barely off it.  I didn’t have those wild “2 fairways over” sort of drives that I was worried about with a “pro” driver.   The e9 face continues to be a real plus of the Cobra driver lines.  It offers high ball speed even on miss hits.

The stock set up is really nice with the “real deal” Matrix Red Tie shaft.  It is a mid launch shaft with fairly low spin.  If you wanted to go even lower launch and spin yet, you could install a Matrix Black Tie.  But I found this shaft and head combo very playable.  The adjustable MyFly tip also allows you to set is to a lower launch and even a fade bias.  It goes from 7.0* to 10.0* with 6 other settings.  I went with my typical 9.5* setting and it seems like a the perfect fit.  It sits very neutral at address in any setting.  Also since it came in at D3 is really feels just right swing after swing, not too light, not too heavy.

The Bio Cell Pro is actually a fairly normal looking driver too.   Coming in Black, Blue, Orange.  I went with the Black this time and really like the simple looks.  Paired with the white Matrix shaft it looks really good on the course. 

The Bio Cell Pro is a different feeling driver than the other 2 in Cobra’s line up for 2014.  The Bio Cell + is a composite/titanium mix so it has a very muted feel and heavy, while the regular Bio Cell is all titanium with a slightly hollow feel and light. The Bio Cell Pro is all titanium but because of the smaller head, it is right in between the two in terms of feel,  solid and hot, but not overly muted.

The Cobra Bio Cell Pro driver isn’t for everyone.  The lower launch, the lower spin and the  less forgiving head isn’t for the high handicap golfer.  But if you have a consistent swing with the driver or really need to cut down spin, this is the driver for you.  I have a feeling this is going to be in my bag for the rest of the 2014 season.  It kills spin, finds fairways, feels great and looks awesome.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Spin killer
+More forgiving than expected
+8 MyFly settings (7.0*-10* and fade)
+Looks really good
+Perfect sound and feel

–Might be too low spin for some