Review: Cobra Trusty Rusty Wedge

Trust the Rust!

When it comes to wedges, one of the most important factors is trust.  There may be all kinds of technology, better grooves, or the perfect headshape; but at the end of the day, sometimes those old wedges that we have had for years stay in the bag only because of one factor: Trust.

Over the years many golfers had come to rely on the old “Trusty Rusty” by Cobra, while personally I didn’t have one of these in my bag, I know a number of golfers who did and have fond memories of using this wedge. 

For 2012 Cobra is bringing back the “Trusty Rusty” wedge.  It comes in 4 versions.  A black PVD finish over raw, so it will rust over time, an entire head pre-rusted, a satin finish with rusty grooves and a giant “trusty rusty” head designed for maximum  forgiveness.  They all look very nice.  I got the black PVD “trusty rusty” wedges for my review.  Another interesting note is that they comes in odd lofts instead of even.  So for my review I went with a 53, 57, just a degree stronger than my normal lofts.  The stock shafts are a custom black DG S200 topped with a Cobra Lamkin 3GEN grip with an orange cap, in keeping with Cobra’s new orange theme.

The “Trusty Rusty” has a triple bounce sole grind for maximum versatility.  The shape is a little more on the round side with a little offset/goose-neck to the hosel.  This might be my only complaint against the “Trusty Rusty” is the shape or the hosel leading edge transition, it isn’t as straight as I prefer, but then again I’ve seen some of the most popular wedges on tour with those kinds of lines too, so obviously it is all about personal preference.

On the course things felt a little “rusty” at first.  I just couldn’t dial them in on the first 9 holes.  I really felt out of sorts, until I hit the back 9.  From then on and for the next 5 rounds I started to trust these wedges.  I found amazing control out of the fairway.  The sole grinds set up really nice for full shots.  The stability and consistency were excellent.  As I moved closer to the green, creative shots were a breeze too.  The triple grind really worked well.  In the bunkers they opened up nicely because of the sharp heel grind.

It seems that with the new groove rule, spin is pretty much the same from wedge to wedge.  I’m hoping that with a little launch monitor time in 2012 I will have the chance to see if that is true.  The “Trusty Rusty” does spin sufficiently and with a little rust in the grooves seem to bite nicely.  The ball is still going to roll out some, but nothing that can be controlled by trajectory or where you land the ball.

These wedges are cast, but they didn’t have a harsh feel.  Sure they weren’t forged, but a little crisper feel didn’t hamper the results.   The cast wedge also means that the durability goes way up, so if you want to keep these “trusty rusty” wedges around until they reintroduce them for a 3rd time around in a number of years from now, that shouldn’t be a problem.

While the “Trusty Rusty” may not be the perfect wedge for me from a specifications/look standpoint, once on the course I found a great amount of trust in these wedges.  I can see why so many golfers kept these around, they simply work.  Maybe it’s time for you to have some trust in your wedge game and get a “Trusty Rusty”

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Quick Hits
+Confident results
+Great finishes
+Excellent durability
+Versatile sole grind

-Not my favorite head shape

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