Review: Dangerous Golf Apparel

It's dangerous to have fun golfing
Once you start having fun golfing, it can be dangerous because you will never want to stop golfing.  It can be incredibly addictive.  Dangerous Golf apparel company wants you to have fun playing golf.  They are based in the UK but offer shipping to the US too.

The one thing that stood out for me was the logo.  The golfer in the yellow caution sign.  It stands out nicely, but not too “in your face” on their polo shirts.  They offer a number of different colored shirts, pants and a sweater vests.  They all are available at a reasonable price off their website.

If you are looking for something a little different, but not obnoxiously loud, Dangerous Golf offers a nice blend of high quality materials, simple designs, all for a reasonable price.
All of the the Dangerous Golf shirts are made of a “dry-fit” material.  It is kind of a middle of the road when it comes to thickness.  I thought the weight is a very comfortable weight for the majority of playing conditions.  It felt comfortable for swinging with a very soft texture to the material.
The fit is another nice aspect of this shirt.  It a size large, but didn’t get all wide or long, just a nice fit that can be worn tucked-in or un-tucked.  One little nice affect of the side panel design of this shirt, is that it actually gives a visual appearance of a slimmer midsection than one might have.   The curved panels serve as a line of sight that look like they go in, rather than your midsection going out.  (I’m not sure if that was planned, but this style offers that benefit.)

If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a golf polo, check out Dangerous Golf.  They make fun simple shirts  (and pants according to their website) that are comfortable, affordable and look nice on the course.  They have a number of different styles and colors at a great price.  It is dangerously fun to enjoy golf and save some cash.

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Quick Hits
+Reasonable price
+Nice mid-weight “dry-fit” fabric
+Slimming design
+Good size

–UK internet based