Review: ECCO BIOM Zero Golf Shoe

The Perfect Blend of Comfort, Performance & Looks
Golf shoes have come a long ways in the last 5 years.  The options are never ending and each shoe manufacturer is trying to push the envelope in terms of design and function.  Some go with a minimalist design, some go with a sporty design, some go with extreme cushion and other focus on style.  There are so many good shoes out there it can be hard to pick a favorite.  I think the ECCO BIOM Zero is the perfect blend of all the new shoe technologies in an amazing looking package.  At this point, they are my favorite shoes.
ECCO has been known for their comfort.  Since the explosion of their spikeless street shoes worn by Freddie Couple golfers have been flocking to their comfortable shoes.  I always seemed to need a few rounds to really enjoy the comfort of an ECCO shoe.  For whatever reason they weren’t a pure right out of the box comfort for me.   But that wasn’t the case with the BIOM Zero shoes.  I was so excited when they arrived, I put them on and went straight to the course to walk 18 holes.  At the end of the round, my feet felt great and I didn’t have a single rub mark anywhere on my foot.  They were comfortable and blister free right out of the box.  Upon further investigation, I noticed they were more supple than a some of my other ECCO shoes and seemed to fit more glove-like than the others resulting in no rubbing and instant comfort.


ECCO’s spikeless shoes have been incredibly popular for good reason.  They offer excellent traction.  Their street outsole with dynamic traction grips the course very well.  I found them to grip even better than other models because of their more flexible sole.  The thinner more flexible outsole allowed more interaction with the ground.  While I can’t say I had traction issue with the other ECCO hybrid shoes, these did grip the best.

The BIOM platform is about molding to the natural motion of your foot.  The ECCO BIOM Zero does that very well in a zero drop/minimalist design.  While maybe not a true barefoot shoe, it is what I would call a slightly structured barefoot shoe.  It has more arch support, is a little narrower, but still very flexible and is a zero drop shoe from heel to toe.  It feels very natural walking in these.  Like I’ve said with other zero drop/barefoot shoes, if your feet aren’t used it to, be careful starting out, you will be engaging muscles you may not have used in traditional shoes so if you push it too hard the first time out, your feet may be sore.  What they offer that the other shoes don’t is more arch support built right into the shoe itself and some heel cushion in the outsole.  The insoles are thin and so the rest of the shoe to really wrap around your foot and move naturally with it.   I would say of all the “barefoot” shoes out there, these are the best blend of structure, comfort yet flexibility and zero drop.

The final piece that makes these shoes my new favorites is the style.  The matte black leather is gorgeous.  I don’t think there is a shoe out there that looks this cool.  When I first saw them at the PGA show in Jan. I couldn’t stop talking about how cool they looked.  I hadn’t even tried one on and I wanted this shoe just based on the looks.  They also have a matte white that looks amazing too.  Those leathers paired with the lime green outsoles are just plain awesome.  It is bright yet subtle at the same time.  Not only is the water resistant, matte leather soft and flexible, the shoe shape is more appealing than other “barefoot” shoes.  They often are wide almost clown like or very street looking, but these are sleek and narrow.  It’s almost impossible not to like the looks of these shoes.  They showed off a bunch of other cool color combination at the PGA show, it would be awesome if they brought those to market too.

Maybe after all of that talk about looks, comfort and performance, you might still wonder does it really matter for my game.  Will changing shoes impact my score.  I can’t guarantee it will, but I have found that playing in shoes with zero-drop my posture is better and thus my ball striking tends to be better.  The BIOM Zero shoes helped me stay centered on my feet.  I don’t get too much on my toes nor too much on my heels.  In addition to better posture,  better feel of the contours of the course, especially the greens often means better reads.  Finally being comfortable walking all 18 holes and not really even thinking about your shoes is another blessing, there is nothing worse than that blister you can feel forming on you heel.  While not a sure thing your game will change with these shoes, but a good chance they will help.

I had high hopes for these shoes and they even exceeded my expectation.  That doesn’t happen to often, but these shoes just have it all.  A low profile, excellent comfort, great traction, stunning looks and right out of the box comfort.  Probably their only downfall is going to be for you wide-footed golfers.  As far as I know ECCO doesn’t make a wide golf shoe.  The BIOM Zero is not wide by any means, almost on the narrow side.  I’d say I have fairly normal width feet and they fit perfectly in the size I  normally I wear from ECCO, a size 42.  Their sizing runs just a touch small compared to their US equivalent.  I should be in a 43 based on their chart, but from trying them on, a 42 is the right size.  I would advise taking the time to stop by a golf store and trying any pair of ECCO shoes on to make sure you get the right fit.  Once you find your size and if they fit your width, then track down some BIOM Zero shoes.  They bring together many of the features that make ECCOs great and offer some new innovations that make these even better.  I think the ECCO BIOM Zero is their best shoe.  It has it all with a perfect blend of performance, comfort and looks.

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Quick Hits
+Zero drop/barefoot platform
+Out of the box comfort
+Excellent spikeless traction
+Awesome matter leather look
+Sleek style

–No wides

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