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The Most Stylish Shoes of 2023

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I walked on and off the course over the last month wearing the ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoes multiple times.  These shoes are so fancy I rocked them with a suit and tie as easily as I did with a pair of khakis and a golf polo.  These are the stylish shoe of 2023 as well a being super comfortable and functional for golf.

This is the definitive ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoes Review for 2023.


Suit and Tie + Golf Shoes??

I know that style has changed and people wear tennis shoes with a suit and tie, but that doesn’t necessisarily mean that would be considered “appropriate” or stylish in all circumstances.  Most people still know that a “dress” shoe is what goes with a suit and tie in formal situations.  The ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoes look amazing with a suit and tie.  I sported them many times when I got dressed up for work.  People actually commented on my new shoes!!  It was great to use them on the golf course too with such “high” style while playing 18 holes.  If you want to rock the most stylish shoes in golf, these are the best.


The pictures pretty well speak for themselves about the amazing style of the ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoes.  The style start with amazing leather uppers.  They are embossed with a diamond pattern across the top of the toes/foot.  While the pattern is stylish, it also helps the leather flex while keeping its sharp looks.  The two tone sole matches the style nicely so that you can wear these with just about any golf clothing or non-golf apparel.  Everything is fit and finished perfectly for dressing up or down.  The shape looks very classy yet with a modern spin. The uppers come in 2 colors, white or brown.  They have nice gloss to them without getting too shiny.  They also hold up really well to scuff and wear and tear so that you can wear these on the course or off.


The ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoes look like they would hurt your feet the first few times you wear them, but they don’t.  These shoes are supper comfortable right out of the box.  I wore them all day with a suit and tie the first time and my feet didn’t experience any blisters, pain or rubbing.  On the course, they held up to walking 18 holes right off the bat.  Most of my summer rounds of golf in AZ have been riding, these still exhibited amazing comfort.  The heel cup stays in place nicely and doesn’t cut in, and the uppers flex nicely along the toe area.  The cushion is soft without feeling squishy.  I’d put them on the firmer midsole spectrum, but still very comfortable.


The ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoe is a spikeless golf shoe with ECCO’s tried and true spikeless outsole.  It consists of something like 75 “lugs” that each grip the ground with multiple traction points.  The area in between serves as flex points so that the shoes stay connected to the ground on each the most aggressive of swings.  The rubber compound is still one of the best blends of durability and traction.  I don’t slip on hard surfaces, nor do they seem to wear down much.  I have older ECCO shoes with this spikeless sole and they still have great traction after years of wear.  It has been years since ECCO first introduced this sole, and there is a reason they still use it: Traction.


The ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoes will inspire confidence on or off the golf course.  The expression “Look Good, Play Good” is a real thing.  If we feel good about our appearance, we walk a little talker, have a little swagger in our step and generally perform better in every area of our life.  You certainly aren’t going to lack any golf performance with these shoes,  They can hold up to anything you throw at them on the golf course.  Up a hill, down a slope, lots of walking, a little dampness, dry dirt, or hard pan, these shoes will keep you connected to the ground, confident in your swing and stylish.  That swagger will come from knowing you are wearing the most stylish shoes on the golf course that day.


ECCO created the most stylish shoes for 2023 with the ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoes. You can wear them with a suit and tie, you can wear them with jeans, you can wear them khakis and a polo and you will be stylin.  I’m not only impressed by the style, but the comfort and performance.  I love spikeless golf shoes, and ECCO has made some of the best over the years.  These are certianly the most stylish, but work just as well for golf as they do the office.  If you want to up your shoe style, the ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoe is the most stylish option for 2023.

For more information: ECCO Website

ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: ECCO has a long history of spikelss golf shoes that are comfortable and functional. The Classic Hybrid Golf Shoes has all the comfort and traction + the most style.

  • ✅  Pros: Best style, Very comfortable, Great stability,Excellent traction, Out of the Box ready, Wear with suit and tie, Water Resistant.

  • ⛔  Cons: Maybe too high style for shorts?

  • ⛳  Verdict: The ECCO Classic Hybrid Golf Shoes are the most stylish shoes for 2023. Their great looks are paired with comfort, tracion, and function on or off the course. You can wear them with a suit and tie or with your golf apparel and walk with confidence and swagger. You won't find a better looking or functioning spikeless golf shoe.


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