Review: Eidolon V-sole Wedges

SCoR Better with V-soles
Wedges are all about scoring.  After putter and driver, wedges really ought to be the next most important clubs in a golfer’s bag.  Whether it is full-length shots from the fairway or delicate chips on the short-side, everybody needs a good wedge game.  Eidolon wedges are all about scoring better.  Not only are the clubs designed in a way to help any golfer score better, the accompanying instructional book will improve just about anyone’s short game.
Before I get into the clubs themselves, I think that the SCoR (Shotmaking Control Routine) method book is an extremely useful tool published by Terry Koehler.  It walks the golfer through a series of tests and practices so that the golfer knows what each wedge is going to do in a given situation.  The simplest task is to learn exactly how far each wedge flies.  The better golfer knows this, but the mid and high capper might have only a rough guess, but filling out the charts in the book really pin it down.  This can be especially helpful to find and fill gaps in yardages.  But for the more advanced golfer who knows their full wedge shot distances, there is a section and chart that will address the variation of wedge shots.  What happens when you open the face 5* or 20* or what happens when you grip down ½” or a full 1”.    I found that just reading the book alone shaved at least 1 stroke off my scores if not more.
But the wedges themselves are the real deal.  Obviously the V-sole is the biggest baddest patented feature of these wedges.  The initial part of the sole had a very high bounce angle while a lesser bounce angle is found on the back half of the sole.  Playing in MN I found this versatility extremely valuable.  One day the course might be dry and hardpan everywhere, and the next it might be soft and soggy.  I am definitely a digger with wedges, and these worked awesome for me.  I let my dad borrow them and he is a sweeper and they worked well for him too.  The versatile sole grind allows anyone, with any swing or even a changing swing to use these wedges with success.

While the sole grind is important, the grooves are still what do the majority of the work.  Eidolon uses CNC milled grooves to ensure maximum spin is imparted on every shot.  There was not a doubt that these were spinners.  They spun as much as any other wedge on the market.  I could suck the ball back on full shot and was able to execute the hop and stop on partial chips.  They were pretty sharp even to the touch and soft milling swirls could still be seen with careful investigation.  They were not destructive to golf balls, but there were not exactly harmless either.  Over the course of a round, the balls had various marks on them to let you know they were hit by sharp wedge grooves.

The chrome and satin finish looked really nice, while there was just a touch of reflection it wasn’t any worse than another stainless wedge.  Being made out of cast 8620 stainless steel, these wedges were bullet proof.  I got 5 plus rounds in with them and there were no gouges, marks, or dings.  The sand did leave some brushings on the sole, but very minor.  I was most impressed by the feel.  I typically enjoy forged wedges, but the feel of these cast wedges really was outstanding, not harsh at all, but just a solid click.  One aspect that has often been overlooked in wedges is the shaft.  Eidolon offers a variety of shafts and flexes in wedges to fit whatever the golfers needs might be.  Mine were fitted with Rifle Spinners in a firm flex.  But there are also graphite shafts for those who need the extra flex or feel that works with their iron shafts.  The grips were also designed to help the golfer score.  The arched lines on the grip give reference points for gripping down consistently each time.

I played a 52* for my gap wedge, a 56* out of the sand and a 60* for delicate shots.   They all have a very tradition round shape to them.  I found the 52* gap wedge extremely useful on full shots.  I used it for my 110-105 shots, which are common on shorter par 4s or make for a great lay-up distance.  Shots came in very high, and stopped.  The spin was very controllable even into the wind.  The 56* I used mostly from the sand with outstanding results.  I could just open the face a little and fire at the pin.  This is one area where the V-Sole is simply far superior to other clubs.  It seems that every course I play has a different type of sand.  The V-sole works in any type to perfection.  I was also happy that it worked well from the fairway.  100-90 shots could be brought in with full swings nice and tight.  The 60* was really good for full 85 yarders or delicate pitches.  I could open it up some, but not quite as far as my wedges with a  C-grind.

The only minor change I would make would be the amount of stamping on the back of these wedges.  They are a little busy, with the V-sole, patented technology, Logo Eidolon, and the Logo on the hosel.  If they were toned down a little, they would be perfect.

Eidolons marketing slogan is that they are “The leader in custom fit wedges”.  I’m not sure I’m ready to crown them the leader just yet.  I think to hold that title they need to offer a few more fitting options.  I think there needs to be a few more grind options and a couple of different finishes to truly be the leader.  This is not to take anything away from Eidolon; they make an outstanding set of wedges that can be tailored to your needs.  I hope the future holds more options for Eidolon, because they make great wedges.  And just to be sure, they offer the best guarantee on the market. They will take your clubs back and buy you something else.  Talking with Terry there have been very, very few returns.  I can see why, these are great wedges.

So how can you go wrong?  You get a little instructional book, solid wedges fit for your needs, and a money back guarantee all in the name of better SCoRs.

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Review: Eidolon V-sole "Prime" Wedges
Getting Ready for “Prime Time”
“Prime Time” is all about playing with the big boys.  This is when you know you’ve made it big, when you can compete with the major companies.  To do so you need to have the highest quality product and have national exposure.

Eidolon wedges are just about ready for “prime time”.  By that I mean Eidolon claims to be the “leader in custom fit wedges.”  I’m still not sure I’m ready to crown them with that title, but they are getting closer.  Here is why: Eidolon wedges are all about the dual sole grind or the V-sole patent grind that comes on every wedge.  As I found in my first review, I have nothing but good words to say about this grind.  It does everything it says.  Since I play just about every condition from the  rock-hard muni, to the over-watered semi-private, these wedges don’t let me down and never feel out of place for the conditions.  The grooves are still just as sharp and impart amazing spin on the ball.  While this will only last for short time, I still appreciate the extra spin needed on delicate shots and tight pins.  I didn’t find any difference in spin between the satin finish and prime oil can finish.

The prime finish is the real deal with these wedges.  The oil can look is very well done out of the box.  It is that deep rich golden color and the groove area was bead blasted and an even darker.  After much use the finish did show some signs of wear, just like most oil can finishes do.  This finish is also designed to rust upon use and I found this to be fairly fast and dramatic.  On one rainy day it was like you could watch them rust.  I was able to wipe them down with a silicone cloth and that removed most of the rust.  Depending on the look you want, care for the clubs accordingly.

I used the standard set of a 52*, 56* and 60*.  Obviously the 56* took the most abuse on the finish because of the sand.  The 60* was next in line because of the multiple shots and the 52* finish was least affected by soft fairway shots.  I love the matching set, and the transition from one wedge to another.  There is a comfort level there with matching wedges.  Eidolon offers packages of matching wedges to compliment strong or weak lofted irons.  

The new grips from Eidolon employ the same scoring patterns as the originals I had, but now with a little more color. The shaft options and flexes make them better than just buying off the rack the universal flex that so many wedges have.  The only minor detail that was a little off was the ferrules didn’t get turned down properly for a smooth fit.

I think Eidolon is just a step away from “Prime Time”.  There are still a couple of finish options that would be nice, like some sort of black comes to mind.  The other need is a few more loft options.  I know they can be bent, but golfers still like to look down at a 54* wedge not one of the others bent to that loft.  The next hurdle is getting some PGA exposure.  There is no doubt that these wedges are good enough to be played on tour, but some golfers will not believe they are credible until someone wins with them.  

If you’re not convinced Eidolon wedges are good, give them a try, they have the best guarantee on the market.  

Overall, the heads, lofts, shafts, grinds and results were virtually the exact same for me, the Prime finish is just much more appealing to my eyes. I was happy to have them find a place in my bag. Look for Eidolon Wedges to make it to the “Prime Time” soon.  

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