Review: Fila Apparel - Cold Weather Gear

All Pimped-out to Golf in the Cold
You’ve probably heard of the TV show, “Pimp My Ride”  It was all about creating extreme style in an automobile.  Well Fila “Pimped” my golf wardrobe with its cold weather gear, specifically the Jasper Textured Fleece Jacket.    It is a black fleece coat, but with greater sheen and texture than most. It is like wearing a fur coat yet you can golf in it.  What makes this coat so great is how warm it is.  Not only does it look luxurious, it is just so comfortable and warm.  I’ve seen many fleece coat or pullovers that look cheap, this is the complete opposite of that.
Sure golfing in a coat isn’t ideal, but in MN you don’t really have a whole lot of choices as the temperatures drop, yet the desire to play golf remains.  I could wear this coat with just an underlayer shirt and was plenty warm even as temperatures neared freezing.  It is not really a wind breaker, but it wasn’t bad either.  On moderate windy days it did a nice job of keeping me warm.  When the winds were howling, this didn’t quite cut it with just a t-shirt underneath. 

You can play golf with this coat on, but it will restrict your swing some, as any coat will do.  It is soft, flexible and warm, but a little thick.  It is kind of the nature of the beast for cold winter golf.  You either are cold with no swing restrictions or warm with less flexibility in the swing.  This coat was probably the least restrictive of many I have tried, but it did add some bulk to the body.

Another new Fila Cold weather shirt that arrived to complete the ensemble was the Tahoe Long Sleeve Sport Shirt.  This shirt isn’t designed with as much flare as the coat, but it offers more stretch and a tighter fit for less swing restrictions.  It is not nearly as warm as the Jasper Fleece, but on those days when short sleeves aren’t quite enough, this fits the bill perfectly.  The over all fit though out the body is on the tighter side, but the material is very soft and stretchy so there was absolutely no swing restrictions. I found I really liked it under a sweater vest.

One little difference in this long sleeve shirt compared to others were the cuffs.  So often the cuffs and theses types of shirts are very tight, almost too tight.  Fila loosened the cuff up slightly on these adding to the comfort.  The cuff isn’t so big that the sleeve slides all over, but just enough to feel really comfortable on the wrist without being so constricting.

Fila really makes comes great apparel.  Their cold weather gear is great.  You can get your wardrobe all Pimped-out for the winter months with a variety of options from the super warm Jasper Textured Fleece to the lightweight stretchy Tahoe long sleeve sport shirt.

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Quick Hits
+Very warm
+Super soft
+Unique style
+High quality materials

–Maybe too pimped out for some