Review: FORTÉ Tour Performance S Golf Balls

A "2nd Tier" Golf Ball as Good as Most Companies 1st
Most golf ball companies top golf ball is a 3 piece or 4 piece Urethane covered golf ball that offers the best performance in their line up and considered their “tour” ball.  FORTÉ on the other hand has a 6-piece ball, the Apex 6, which is their top ball.  The Tour Performance S comes in as their second ball, yet plays as well as other companies top tour ball.  If you are looking for a very soft, high performance 3 piece Urethane covered golf ball (and live in Australia) this is the ball for you.
If you have golfed, then it goes without saying you know what a golf ball is. The question is, do you care what kind of golf ball you use? To the discerning golfer there is usually a brand or two they will usually play without exception of cost or persuasion and for a large majority thereafter, the marketing Gods in golf have given us a plethora golf ball options. Every region around the world has local options as well as worldwide options for us to pick from. The latest buzz comes around an Australian company called FORTÉ.

The Three Piece FORTÉ Tour Performance S

  • P.R.B. High-Energy Core: The low compression core that provides super-soft feel and lower spin rate of the tee.
  • Ultra-Soft HPF Resin: A extremely thin layer of resin that perfectly blends the core with its cast urethane cover.
  • Cast Urethane Cover: An exclusive patented polyurethane formula that provides excellent spin control and incredible soft feel.

The FORTÉ Tour Performance S ball reminds me of the typical tour 3 piece ball with a Urethane cover in nearly every ball company’s line up. It has a look and feel that is is very comparable to other balls in this category.  The cover is soft and shreds and scuffs fairly easy after a number of wedge shots. This wouldn’t keep me from playing the ball, but just be aware that the cover and core are soft, which is great for feel but sometimes that means giving up a little durability.

The FORTÉ Tour Performance S is a great choice for the golfer looking for a very soft golf ball what offers excellent performance. I would compare this to any other companies top tour golf ball.  I didn’t get quite as good of numbers as the Apex 6, but it still can hold its own.  For me the extra soft feel wasn’t quite an ideal fit, but its hard to argue with the results.

  In Australia this ball should be a top seller for FORTÉ because the price point is well below similar balls on the market. At their current price point ($30 US) it could do well in the US market too.   If you can get your hands on these Australian made golf balls you will be very happy with the performance based on the price.   

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Quick Hits:
+As good as other tour level golf balls
+6 two pack sleeves in a box
+Solid numbers

–Not sold in the U.S. yet