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Bold, Functional, and a Whole Lot Better Than Most Towels

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Golf Rags Towels are the newest microfiber printed golf towels on the block.  While at first glance they look like many others out there; the bold style, attention to details and function make them better than most towels on the market.  I highly recommend upping your towel game with a Golf Rags.

This is the definitive Golf Rags Towels Review for 2023.


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Better Golf Towel?

A white, black, red, blue or green terry cloth towel were the only golf towels I saw for years and years, until more recently the micro fiber towel was created.  Since then there has been a plethora of choices made by almost every brand out there.  In just the past couple years a growing printing trend allows golfers and companies to make very unique and stylish towels.  And yet there has still been room for improvement in this sector of the golfing world.  Golf Rags is an improvement on the printed, stylish, bold and function micro fiber waffle golf towel.  I’ll explain what makes them better below…

Hanging on the Bag

Golf Rags isn’t the first micro fiber towel company and what they do isn’t something completely revolutionary.  However the design of the attachment point is really good.  This is more important than you might think.  The putter slit while practical in some situation, isn’t the best in many other situations.  It gets tangled up, covers us 1/2 your bag and generally is in the way as much as it is helpful.  Golf Rags uses a side loop which I’ve found to be way better for on-course function.  It can then be clipped to the side of the bag, or draped over the putter if you really like that.  Instead of 1/2 the towel being bunched up among the clubs, now the towel drapes more compact on the bag. 

Style Choices

I’ve been surprised how many golfers will notice my Golf Rags towel.  Instead of it being an afterthought, it has become an expression of style that is reasonable in price, easy to have a couple options and simply looks cool.  There are 11 options at the moment by Golf Rags.  They are some of the most creative designs I’ve seen in golf towels.  It is hard to pick your favorite, so maybe easier to just pick a couple.  I like the Fresh Pair, Skeleton Golfer and Bad Caddy.  They are all different and creative and can express your style. 

Double Sided Printing

Who would have thought something so simple could be so nice? Many of the golf towels I have print on one side and leave the other side white. Golf Rags printed on both sides; not the pattern, but the base color which is great because that is usually where I’m going to scrub the dirt onto instead of on the pattern.  But when that side is just left white, it look really dirty and dingy after the 1st round.  These towels look good after multiple rounds because the dirt is “hidden” in the 2nd printed side.

Super Soft

Not all micro fibers are the same.  If you’ve seen the different varieties of towels, weaves and fibers, you know that not all are the same when it comes to “softness”.  Golf Rags makes one of the softest towels you can buy which means that no matter what you need to wipe down, it won’t get scratched by these towels.  The waffle weave is fairly tight so that it doesn’t have deep waffle boxes which keeps it smoother. I like being able to wipe my face, my sunglasses and my wedges down all with the same towel without worry of scratching anything, while at the same time doing a good job of cleaning. You can throw them in the washing machine and then come out just as soft as when they come out of the package.  Golf Rags are also treated to reduce stink and germs so that even if you don’t wash them often, your Golf Rags won’t stink up and transmit germs between rounds.


If you are looking to express yourself with one of the best golf towels on the market, check out Golf Rags.  Their micro fiber waffle golf towels look great, functions well and are simply better than most on the market.  At the price point, you can give them as gifts or get a couple for yourself for different expressions of style.  It is time to get rid of the current “rag” you have on you bag and get a bold, stylish and functional Golf Rags.

For more information: Golf Rags Website

10% Off with Coupon Code IGR2310

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