REVIEW: GOLFERAID Performance Pack

Favorite Accessories All in One Box
The rise of subscription based products has dramitcally increased over the last couple years. Most of them come and go because they don’t offer much for value or gear that golfers actually want. GOLFERAID is offering a one time box with all the gear you actually want. The GOLFERAID Performance Pack has gear from TRUELinkswear and Asher Golf as well as some cool apparel and accessories.
GOLFERAID has two Performance Packs: White and Black.  The White is $99 and the Black is $199.  They both have GOLFERAID logo tees, a sleeve of logo ProV1s, a GOLFERAID T-Shirt and Hat.  The White has a $50 TRUELinkswear Gift Card and the Black has a $150 TRUELinkswear Gift Card, an Asher Preimium Glove and a GOLFERAID Polo.
The Performance Packs are really cool and have great gear in them, plus you don’t have to worry about getting something you don’t want each month, you either order this pack or you don’t. I was kind of surprised that there wasn’t a sample pack of GOLFERAID or their partner products in the box.  I’m guessing the box is aimed at current GOLFERAID customers, but still thought at least one can could have been included since the pack is their branding.
Everyone has to determine how they value something, but personally I think the better value is the Black.  While it costs more, the $150 TRUELinkswear Gift Card allows you to buy any pair of their shoes without additional cost.   Plus the extra $50 that isn’t on the Gift Card offers more in the Black because it also include an Asher Glove and a GOLFERAID Polo.   I know it is double the cost, but certainly a better deal if you are willing to pay more.

GOLFERAID paired with some of my favorite companies to offer a really cool performance pack.  You can choose the White or Black box for some great accessories.   If you’d like to win a GOLFERAID White Performance Pack go out our Instagram account and sign up to win one.

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