GolferPal EasyPal PushCart

There's more than meets the eye with this pushcart
Everyone knows the Transformer’s tag line, “there’s more than meets the eye” is all about their ability to change from a yellow Camaro into a robot.  Well GolferPal created a cart that can transform from the folded position to the unfolded position and vice-verse with just the push of a button.  It is the only motorized unfolding and folding 4-wheeled pushcart.  While this is the “show” of this cart, there is more than meets the eye with this pushcart, it isn’t just a novelty, it is a legit pushcart.

Let’s talk about the unfolding and folding motor.  It is cool, there is no other way to put it, everyone wants to see it open and close by itself.  I have to admit, it is an impressive show.  While I’m not sure folding and unfolding a cart needs a motor, there isn’t a cart easier to get ready for a round or fold down after a round.  Once you set your handle height, it always returns to that height too, which is a nice bonus with this system. They say the battery will last 30 rounds on 1 charge.  While that might be true, after about 4 rounds you’ll probably need to recharge it after showing everyone how it folds and unfolds with the push of a button.  If you happen to be showing it off as many times as I did you will kill the battery before you can even recharge it.  Don’t worry you can manually unfold and fold it by using the red levers at the hinge points. (not nearly as cool)

Beyond the motorized folding and unfolding, it is a really solid cart, as good as any, even without the motor.  The 4 wheels are a nice size and roll true and smooth.  Some 4-wheel carts use smaller wheels on the front, but GolferPal doesn’t.  I don’t see really a difference either way except maybe an inch or two of extra space this cart takes up when folded. 

The bag is held on by bungee straps  on the top which is the best way in my opinion.  I found my small and big bags both rode on this cart nicely and securely.  The handle is adjustable and comfortable for pushing.  A really nice feature tied to the motor is that the handle always returns to the same height once you set it.

The “glove-box” compartment has a smoke over so you can see in just enough to know what is inside.  The cup holder clips onto the side of the handle is also is adjustable which is a nice feature not found on other pushcart which allow you to carry a giant 32oz Gatorade bottle or a skinny 10 oz water bottle with the same cup holder.  The umbrella holder is nice, but rather big.  It screws on to the handle and can be adjusted to whatever angle you want.

My parking brake came way too tight from the factory and needed adjustment.  After following the instructions it locks the right back wheel and keeps the cart from rolling away when on a hillside.


The GolferPal EasyPal pushcart would be a very good cart without the motor.  With it, it is even better.  It doesn’t get any easier than pushing the button to unfold and fold your cart.  The motor while not heavy puts weight low and back which makes it easy to turn yet stable so that is resists tipping over in any direction when pushing the cart or even letting it race down a hill.  The whole cart is still only 16 lbs so getting it in and out of the trunk is also easy.

Is a motor to fold and unfold your cart necessary?  No, but it is awesome.  Everything works really well and makes a really good pushcart with or without the motor.  Plus the new reduced price makes this cart a very good deal. There’s certainly more than meets the eye with the GolferPal EasyPal push cart.

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Quick Hits
+Power unfold and fold is awesome
+Super easy to set up
+Easy to push
+Solid and sturdy on the course
+Bungee straps to secure bag
+Adjustable handle height
+Smooth roll
+Reasonable price

–Is motorized unfold and fold necessary?