Great Apparel + Awesome Charities = Everyone Wins
Where you buy your golf apparel actually does matter.  Sure you can get a golf polo from just about any store or any online retailer, but what are they doing with the profits?  For the most part, we don’t really care as long as we get a good deal on the apparel we want.  But wouldn’t it be better if the company selling you that apparel helped out some good causes?  We all know golf as a whole is a very charitable sport, but gives 9% of all sales to designated charities.  They offer a wide range of great name-brand apparel and support even better charities;  Everyone wins!


Click on to see the full selection of brands but I think they have around 18 brands like Puma, Footjoy, Adidas, Oakley, Etc.  While they don’t carry every last brand, lets face it, no golf retailer does.  You can shop by brand, by pro or by product to get exactly what you need or you can even shop by charity since many brands has specific charities it supports.  If no specific charity is listed it gets divided up among all the charities.

What I appreciated about GolfProWears was the fact that the prices are pretty much the same as other retailers.  I’ve seen other companies jack up the prices by 9% so they can give 9% to charity.  That doesn’t count as giving to charity, that’s just a scam to make your company look good.  GolfProWears actually takes 9% from the regular price or sale price and sends that to charity. 


I decided to buy some of the Ernie Els collection which supports the Els For Autism foundation.  This is kind of a unique opportunity since GolfProWears is the only US importer of the Els Collection apparel.  So you get to wear something unique, and support a great charity.  The Els Collection is kind of what you would expect from the “Big Easy”: fairly tame design with an easy cut for a comfortable fit.  It isn’t euro tight, nor is it big man wide, but a loose fitting shirt.

My other purchase was from the Chase54 collection.  I wanted a pair of pants to go with my Els Collection polo.  While they don’t have a specific charity, 9% of this sale was divided up among all of the charities.  This brand offers great creative apparel from head to toe.  They do things that other companies aren’t doing in golf apparel.  It is all in the little details that Chase54 makes really great stuff.


The Give Back 9 program of GolfProWears is really great.  If you are in need of golf apparel and want to support awesome charities, check them out.  No other retail company is so generous with their support of good causes.  Even if you don’t want to pay full retail prices, check out their sale items which still give 9% to charities.  Everyone wins when you buy from

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Quick Hits:
+Excellent selection
+Good prices
+Easy to navigate website
+Fast shipping
+GiveBack9 program for charities