REVIEW: GustBuster Umbrella

The Best Umbrella and it Blows the Competition Away
Like most golfers, I prefer to play golf when it is 80* and sunny.  But the reality is that here in MN those days are few and far between, especially during the High School golf season.  During spring golf I think I played as many rounds in the rain and wind as I did under clear skies.  I became frustrated with my former umbrellas and reached out to GustBuster to see if their claims were legit.  All I can say is that it isn’t even close, they make the best umbrella and it blows the competition away.
I’ve owned upwards of 10 different umbrellas over the years and none of them compare to GustBuster umbrellas.  I’ve had expensive OEM logoed umbrellas and cheap “just get anything” umbrellas and they all kind of worked for a short time, but after a few uses would usually bend, break, or rip.  GustBuster on the other hand has already exceeded the life of those umbrellas and looks like new.  I’ve logged a couple months and 10 rounds with a GustBuster on the side of my bag and it is worth every penny if there is any chance you will get caught in the rain.

GustBuster umbrellas are made to protect you from the rain like any other umbrella, but also to withstand most umbrellas worst enemy; wind!  The 2 layer, vented top with reinforced elastic straps and incredibly sturdy arms make this umbrella virtually unflippable. They claim over 55mphs.  The best I could try was during a round, when it started gusting around 30+mph wind and this thing held up wonderfully.  Everybody’s umbrellas were flipping and breaking.  My was just fine, although it was so strong it actually started picking up my push cart and moving it along.

The other little details which make it the best umbrella choice are things like the rubber handle, the pinch-less open and close button, the double velcro straps, the small pointed top and the sleeve which keeps it small for storage.  Everything is made for durability and is top quality.

GustBuster makes the best umbrella, but they also have the option to customize it with your logo.  I know they have minimum orders for logoed umbrellas, but the iGR logo turned out great on my GustBuster umbrella.  They were so kind as to send out a few extra so that my staff writers could have a GustBuster as well as a few readers will get one too. (See entry details below.)  Along with logo options, they have an entire rainbow of stock colors and multiple colors per umbrella are also available.   If you want it, they can probably make it.

I don’t always like to play golf in the rain and wind, but when I do, I will use a GustBuster umbrella.  They are the best umbrella by far and blow the competition away.  Even if you don’t use one much for golf, this umbrella will be great on any rainy day.  Their design is super strong in the wind, offers excellent rain protection and is the most durable umbrella I’ve ever used. 

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Quick Hits
+Very strong
+Excellent quality
+Great protection
+Many color and pattern options
+Custom logo availability

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