REVIEW: Kentwool Sensationwool Socks

No More Sore Feet From Golf
In the last 5 years I’ve only worn Kentwool socks.  I think I have 25 pair in my sock drawer at home.  They obviously are my favorite golf socks.  But that doesn’t mean after walking 36 holes or even a rugged 18 that my feet aren’t a little sore.  Soaking them in an ice bath works or rubbing some IcyHot helps sooth my aching feet.  Kentwool figured out a way to infuse Capsaicin into threads called Nüfabrx nylon to basically give you the same relief you’d get by applying it your feet just by wearing their socks.
The Kentwool Sensationwool socks appear to be a normal pair of their natural color or “white” socks.  You can’t visually see the different threads that are treated.  They do however have  Nüfabrx spelled on the toes so you don’t get them confused with your other Kentwool socks.  The Nüfabrx nylon is good for 30 washes before they become normal Kentwool socks without any of the Capsaicin.

What happens when you put Kentwool Sensationwoold socks on?  Initially you won’t notice any difference whatsoever.  It takes about 10 minutes and then you will start feeling the warming and cooling sensation, kind of a tingling feeling on your feet.  The tops of my feet are very sensitive and I noticed  a very warm feeling with shoes on.  If I take my shoes off, it isn’t nearly as much.  They do seem to use the trapped heat in your shoes to aid in their work, like an electric blanket.   I did notice after wearing them that my feet didn’t swell, even in the extreme AZ desert heat.

Who needs Kentwool Sensationwool socks?  I could imagine most golfers at some point could make good use of these healing socks.  I could see wearing them everyday at a place like Bandon Dunes or Sand Valley with all the walking, all the pounding on your feet and the slightly cooler temperatures.  I would think caddies would love these socks. 

Kentwool Sensationwool socks will help with sore feet.  Depending on how sensitive your feet are, you may not be able to wear these all day long.  If you know your golf round is  going to put a pounding on your feet, these will do the trick to avoid soreness. You’ve got 30 washes before you’ll need another pair.  If you want to avoid sore feet, these will do the trick.

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Quick Hits
+Basically normal Kentwool socks
+Nüfabrx is real, you can feel the hot/cold
+30 washes is decent life
+Close to normal Kentwool sock price

–One color
–Too much sensation for sensitive feet.