REVIEW: Lynx Black Cat 3-wood

The Cat is Back with Power and Versatility
The 3-wood market is ever changing and adjusting. It seemed for the longest time it was just a “gap filler” club that didn’t receive much tech, but simply was hit on long shots off the fairway or controlled tee shots. Not all the long ago companies started focusing on the 3-wood and adding some serious tech to the head. Now 3-woods have as many design features and advances as does a driver. While they still might be a “gap filler” in terms of yardage, the standard 15* head now ranges from 13* up to 17* depending on what the desired distance and launch characteristics are. Add to that movable weights and now you can dial in spin and launch even more. Lynx left when 3-woods were pretty plain, but the Cat is Back with a powerful and versatile 3-wood.
If you want to read more about the return of Lynx you can see the driver review, but the Lynx Black Cat 3-wood is set up almost exactly the same as the driver.  Instead of a “fat” shape and deep face, it has a flat head and thin face.  This has become a popular 3-wood shape to make it more versatile from various lies.  The Black Cat 3-wood is easy to get the sweet spot contact between face and ball from the fairway or the rough.  I was really impressed by the solid contact I got on this club, shot after shot.
The Lynx Black Cat 3-wood has many adjustments.  I started with flipping with weight bar forward for lower spin and launch.  I left the hosel at neutral.  The combo was certainly low spin and really long, but shots really wanted to fly right.  The weight forward didn’t work for me with too many shots low and right.  I flipped it back and the launch was better, spin was still decent and much straighter.  I needed to adjust the hosel a little toward more upright and that helped hit the ball straighter.  It is a long and powerful 3-wood, but needed some adjustment to get the best results.  I think this might be a little finicky for some golfers and require a little more tinkering than most to get set for the best results.
The Lynx Black Cat line has been impressive for me across the board, but the 3-wood has been the one club that I struggled getting it set to my liking.  The looks are great, the UST Mamiya Recoil shaft is excellent, but the sound is kind of “aluminum bat like” especially with the weight forward.  I almost thought it was broken with the weight forward the sound was so piercing.  I switched the weight to the back and that made it much better, but still not ideal.  While sound isn’t performance, it does play a big part of confidence and feedback.
The Lynx Black Cat 3- wood has so much going for it on the, looks, performance and adjustability side.  I hit some really creative shots with it, like high cuts to attack pins, escape shots out of the rough, and some long bombs to reach greens in 2, but the fade bias was something that I wasn’t expecting.  I did have that with much of the Black Cat line.  The 3-wood was probably the most extreme with fade bias.  I didn’t have to worry about the left side at all, the club just hit fades all day long.  They didn’t lose distance, just needed to be aimed up the left side.  Even with numerous hosel adjustments, it still has fade bias. 

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Lynx Black Cat 3-wood 15* (weight back)

  • Spin: 3798 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 17.5*
  • Dispersion: 4.9 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 99.8 mph
  • Ball Speed: 142.5 mph
  • Total Distance: 246.2 yds
  • Carry Distance: 234.1 yds

 Lynx has created a great line of clubs in the Black Cat line and their return is welcomed by the golfing world.  I’ve been impressed with the line of clubs and the 3-wood has some great performance qualities, it just wasn’t the fit for me.  I tried every adjustment to get it dialed in perfectly, and it just has too much fade bias with less than ideal sound.  That said, a buddy of mine fell in love with this club and has become his gamer 3-wood so it sometimes completely depends on the golfer.  If you fight the left, this club offers assistance.  The Black Cat is long and easy to create solid contact shot after shot.  Check it out to see if you might find it to be the right fit for you.

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Quick Hits:
+Adjustable hosel and weight bar
+Great UST Mamiya Recoil shaft
+Awesome matte black looks
+Compact face
+Easy to launch

–Unpleasant sound
–Too much fade bias

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