Review: MAWGRIP Golf Grip Cover

Now There's Rain Gear for Your Grips
We all probably have some sort of rain gear, even if it is just an umbrella that goes with our golf gear.  Depending on how “hardcore” you are when it comes to golfing or where you live, the extent of your rain gear might vary.  There are full suits, rain hoods, waterproof accessories, rain gloves and now rain gear for your grips.  They are often the one thing that really needs to stay dry while playing and for the most part hasn’t had anything to do so until now.  The MAWGRIP golf grip cover is a slide on sleeve that can keep your grips dry for each swing so that you can still play your best even in the rain. 
The basic premise is a waterproof neoprene sleeve that can slide over the grip to keep water out.  While it would take 14 of them to cover a whole set at once and at $15 a pop that is fairly expensive, they are aimed more at one club at a time when you pull it out of your bag, you can slip this on to keep it from getting wet.  The thought is that your bag stays covered and your grips are dry while in the bag, but when you take them out, they will get wet.  

Another use is for those “dew-sweeper” rounds when the grass is damp and you grab two clubs to go up to the green, setting one in the wet grass means you’ll have a wet grip which isn’t ideal, no matter which club it is.  You can throw the MAWGRIP on the one you are setting down and then switch it to the other club when you aren’t using that one.

Taking it to the course, it does what it says; it keeps grips dry when it is installed.  I can keep it clipped onto my bag with the handy c-clip and throw it on the club in 2 seconds.  It slides right off when I’m ready to swing.  It has a solid end cap and a “pronged” seal at the other end for water protection and some rigidness. 

The question that you still might have is; “Is it necessary?”  As a walker I can’t say I used it for the dew because I almost never grab 2 clubs for any shot because I’m always right next to my bag.  When I did ride for a round, it was useful on a couple early holes in the round when you grab a wedge and a putter for around the green.  The only problem was depending on the putter I was using, oversized grips won’t fit inside of the regular MAWGRIP.  However, I did read they are making a “biggie” MAWGRIP later this month so that will solve that issue.

The MAWGRIP was designed to keep your grips dry and it works.  While I can’t say it is a necessary accessory, I can see it being useful from time to time, kind of like an umbrella.  I don’t use my golf umbrella all that often, but I’m glad to have it when I need it.   The same is true of the MAWGRIP golf grip cover, it is nice to have in the bag for dew or rain when you want to keep your grips dry.

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Quick Hits:
+Keeps grips dry
+Small accessory that can easily fit in any bag
+Rain or dew protection
+Easy on and off
+Inexpensive to keep one in the bag
+Variety of color options

–Not necessary for majority of rounds
–Expensive to get one for every club