Review: Nike TW'14 Free Golf Shoes

Still #1 in Comfort for Spiked Shoes
Tiger Woods is still the #1 golfer in the world and his shoes are still the most comfortable pair of spiked shoes I own. There were some slight modifications to the previous model for the TW’14 Free Inspired Golf Shoes. Actually the biggest difference in the iD offering by Nike. You can now design them in just about any color combination imaginable. For review I didn’t have access to this option, but that is OK since I’ve designed 20+ pairs online and not sure I could settle on my favorite. Instead I have the same black and red shoes that Tiger wears on the course. There is more red in this shoe than the TW’13 shoes. That is the easiest way to tell them apart just by looking at them.
The “Free” platform of these shoes hasn’t changed at all.  It is an exact carry over from last year.  There is nothing wrong with that, it was great and still is, no need to change it.  The one big addition is the iD option to get a “spikeless” version which has molded cleats instead of removable spikes.  This might be a great option for on and off the course use.  Although the molded cleats look pretty aggressive, it might look weird walking around at the store in these shoes.


The biggest improvement over the TW’13 model has to be the tongue.  It was a strange in the previous model by how thin it was without any padding, just the strange leather like material.  The TW’14 shoes improved the tongue by adding some cushion as well as using some more normal mesh material.  This change makes them more comfortable walking and they breath better out the top of your foot.

The sidewall of the shoe and the swoosh are also changed.   The flywire makes them fit a little better than the TW’13.  It is not drastic, but you can notice the difference.  The visible flywire also seems to work just a little better in keeping the shoe snug on your foot.  Not that there were issues with the TW’13 shoes, but these are just a little more comfortable.  The swoosh is better now with its two tone color instead of looking like a cheap decal.

On the course I was happy with the same results as the previous TW shoe.  These were comfortable right out of the box and felt much more normal.  I walked 18 right away with them and they grip like champions.  There still isn’t a better shoe i have found that balances comfort and grip so well.  I have a couple other pairs that are more comfortable because they are spikeless and softer by design, but they don’t grip nearly as well as the TW’14 shoes.  I can’t imagine slipping in these, it hasn’t happen yet in 30+ rounds between the TW’13 and TW’14 shoes.

There is still a market for spiked shoes and these are proof that they can be done well.  The TW14 offers traction and comfort just like it did last year.  They are still #1 in spiked shoes.  One side benefit of the TW’14 shoes is the reduced price on the TW’13.  You certainly can get a great shoe at a lower price, or you can get the best of the best with the new ones.  These are still guaranteed water-proof.  Their air sole is comfortable and the uppers are very supple and flexible right out of the box.  The “free” sole is extremely flexible and grips very well.  If you really want to make them your own style, use the iD designer and choose your color combinations.  Tiger is still the #1 golfer in the world and his shoes are still #1 when it comes to spiked comfort.

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Quick Hits
+Out of the box comfort
+Superior grip
+Modified materials for better fit
+Free inspired flexibility
+Nike iD design your own option

–Not much different from TW’13