Review: Nike Lunar Waverly Shoes

Nike's Next Generation Spikeless Style Shoes
The Lunar Waverly shoes aren’t Nike’s first spikeless sytle shoes. Last year Nike introduced their Swingtip shoes.  They were a spikeless style shoe that aimed to blend a fashion style with a casual spikeless shoe.   This year’s Lunar Waverly shoes are more stylish, more comfortable and offer a better fit.  They were included as part of the #DontSleepOnSummer media kit.  They line up nicely with the apparel and the new Vapor irons recently introduced.
Nike has always been known for their shoes and apparel.  These are a blend of street style and spikeless golf shoes.  It continues to improve upon their previous versions.  The starting point is the midsole.  The Lunarlon midsole makes the Lunar Waverly shoe extremely comfortable to walk in.  The squishy material in the middle of the shoe absorbs shock step after step.  The new cork insole offers a firm cushion on the bottom of your feet which over time forms slightly to your foot shape.  A side benefit of cork is odor reduction.

The outsole of the Nike Lunar Waverly is a similar waffle spikeless sole design that offers excellent grip on dry or wet conditions.  Their flexibility grips the ground during the entire swing as well as walking up, down or around any type of turf.  The Volt color is a nice way to incorporate some bold color without being obnoxious.  It hints at the Volt colors in their other apparel products and Vapor clubs.

The uppers are a waterproof leather/suede combo with a little Flywire added to create a snug, yet comfortable fit.  They are also slightly wider than the Swingtip shoes. They improved fit has me wearing them just as much off the course as on the course.  From the first step in these shoes until now many miles later, these have been extremely comfortable.  The upper padding is really soft and in just the right places.

Nike offers a  number of great golf shoes, but these might be the best buy of their entire line.  The combination of spikeless design and style make them a shoe you can wear everyday of the week and on the course.  You don’t have to have separate golf shoes and regular shoes, the Nike Lunar Waverly can do both and do it in style.  These are Nike’s latest version of spikeless style shoes.

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Quick Hits
+Improved comfort
+Everyday style
+Great fit
+Good spikeless traction