Review: Nike VR_S hybrid

You can never have too much speed.
The VR_S line was introduced this January at the PGA show in Orlando.  I had the chance to see Ken Griffey Jr. hit some shots with the VR_S clubs, he was pounding all the clubs, but I remember especially the hybrid;  he was picking up around 18 yards (If I remember correctly) over his previous hybrid.  I saw a number of others golfers both low and high handicappers doing the same thing with the hybrid.  It is fast and long!!  You can’t have too much speed.

I found my VR_S hybrid to be the longest hybrid I have ever hit.  It was pushing up on my 3-wood.  There is no joke about the VR_S hybrid being Nike’s longest hybrid yet.  My first on-course shot with it was at a typical hybrid range right around 215 to the pin.  I flew it over the green easily probably in the 230+yard range.  It was an easy swing too.  I went after one on a par 5 and hit the green from 240yards out.   I’ve never hit a hybrid that far.
To be fair it is an 18* hybrid compared to my normal 20*, but even compared to some of the other 18* hybrids I’ve hit, this one was longer, yet it still maintained the playability of a hybrid.  I could hit it off the tee, from the fairway and even digging a ball out of the rough. 

The shape is definitely more wood based than iron styled.  If you put the VR_S next to the VR Pro you can see the difference.    I know that there are some that really prefer the iron style, but consider you might be able to replace your 3-wood with this hybrid that might be the slot in your bag for this club.  It is long and easy to hit, and looks much like a fairway wood, yet is as accurate as an iron.

It has the NexCOR face just like the driver and 3-wood, which offers both high ball speeds and forgiveness.  It feels really solid and the ball just flies off the face.  It also has a smoked black crown with some sweeping  lines and a swoosh without an alignment aid. The headcover is a nice sock style and the standard Nike Tour Velvet grip is used.

Overall this hybrid doesn’t launch real high, it has a stronger trajectory than some hybrids I’ve hit.  It does elevate easily, but not too high.  On windy days I found this to be the best hybrid because of the stronger launch.  It could really control the trajectory and maintain good distance. 

The VR_S hybrid comes with a matching Fubuki K hybrid shaft at 75 grams.  While it might be a few grams lighter than some, it really is easy to launch, yet very accurate.  It is smooth, typical of Fubuki shafts but in the hybrid version quite stable feeling. 

For amateurs, I don’t think you can ever have too much speed.  If you need to fill a certain gap, pick the right loft.  You might even find that you can replace a fairway wood with this hybrid opening up another slot in your bag for  another club.  If you just want to hit the ball further; the whole VR_S line is fast. 

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+Fastest Ball Speeds
+Longest hybrid
+Iron like accuracy
+Easy from all turf conditions

–Wood style

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