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Game Enjoyment Irons
We differentiate irons into categories like, blades, player’s irons, game-improvement irons, and super game improvement irons.  The Ping G-irons would fit into the game improvement iron category, but don’t let that name get in the way of trying these irons.  We sometimes don’t want to admit our short comings and all desire to play blades, but sometimes enjoying the game with great shot after great shot is the better route.  Thee Ping G-irons are better than just game-improvement irons, they are Game-Enjoyment irons.
The new Ping G series irons dropped the numbers and just went G.  They also kept many of the previous G characteristics, yet repackaged them into an even better looking head.  They are a little more compact, a little less off-set and a little thinner on the top line, yet offer everything you want in terms of forgiveness and ease of hitting.  The first thing that pops is how they look.  They are certainly the best looking G iron Ping has ever made.  The blend of satin and chrome looks very good.
I ordered the Ping G-irons as a stock set 4-UW with DG S300 shafts.  I found it interesting that their standard lie angle for these is a yellow dot.  I’ve been a huge fan of the Ping fitting system over the years, but the lie colors seem to be changing.  I’ve been black and blue dots in the past on standard sets so hitting these in the stock yellow seemed odd.  If you’ve been one color in Ping for previous irons, you might want to check if it is still the same in these irons.  Even though the color might have changed, their stock lie angle is still a good fit for my swing.  I also ordered them in at D2 so they would play at my preferred swingweight.  These are all things that you should look into when buying a set of Pings.  It doesn’t add cost and is worth the little extra time to get fit properly.

The Ping G-irons I call “game-enjoyment” for a reason.  They are very easy to hit straight, high and long.  They offer all of those “game improvement” qualities in a nice looking package.  A big reason for the high quality of shots that I hit with the G-irons is the new COR-Eye technology which is essentially variable face thickness technology for irons.  It has been in drivers and woods for years, but bringing it to irons does the same thing, creates a hotter face across a bigger area of the club.  Basically the sweet-spot is larger, and everyone can use that.

What I appreciated most is the thinner sole.  It has always been a struggle of mine with game-improvement irons when the soles get thick, I have a hard time hitting the clubs well.  I know it goes against conventional thinking, but I think the better sole design on these irons allowed me to enjoy the greater face forgiveness because of better turf interaction.

These irons are longer, straighter and higher yet are very accurate and forgiving.  They aren’t just jacked up for distance, they are made for consistency and accuracy.  I found them to be very good on mis-hits and pured shots.  They spin just a little less than the other irons I play, but they use height as part of their stopping power so they can maintain a consistent landing spot. 

Ping ions also continue to evolve in terms of feel.  I remember back to one of the earlier sets of Pings I reviewed and how they could get harsh feeling, especially on mis-hits, but they continue to use their cavity plate and tuning bars in the pocket to reduce vibration and improve feel across the face.  Pured hits feel better as to off-center ones.  They aren’t dead feeling, you know that you hit it off-center but because of the design, you won’t lose too much ball speed or accuracy.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Ping G irons – 8-iron

  • Spin: 6012 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 30.5*
  • Dispersion: 3.1 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 82.2 mph
  • Ball Speed: 105.8 mph
  • Total Distance:  164.9 yds
  • Carry Distance:  155.7 yds

There is a reason that the Ping G-irons are the number 1 selling iron right now, they will fit a much wider audience of golfers based on their improved looks paired with their amazing forgiveness.  Like always I suggest getting fit so these are just right for you game, but based on my rounds with them and time on theFlightscope, they certainly are Game-Enjoyment irons.  They look great and are easy to hit.

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Quick Hits
+Improved looks
+Super forgiving
+High launching
+Consistent distances
+Easy to hit

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