Review: Ping G Crossover

Don't Label It, Just Learn How to Hit It
Sometimes there are clubs that you swing for the 1st time and instantly fall in love with them and then there are other clubs that grow on you over time. The Ping G Crossover is that latter. It is a club that isn’t only a driving iron or purely a hybrid but is something in between. It can be played off the tee, from the fairway or even out of deep rough. Just don’t necessarily expect to have it dialed in on your first hit.
I was excited about the Ping G Crossover as a gap filler between my 3-wood and 4-iron.  It is labeled a 3 which is 18* so it is designed to fit that gap.  I really like the looks.  It is like a fat driving iron or a skinny hybrid.  I can’t say there are really any other clubs like it on the market right now.  The all black head paired with an 90 gram Ping Tour stiff shaft offers great looks, nice weighting and a good set up at address.
When the Ping Crossover arrived I put it right in the bag with high hopes.  My practice course has a short par 4 to open and this was perfect off the 1st tee.  But after that first hit that I piped it right down the middle, I found some struggles how to hit it off the fairway or out of the rough, I even had some difficulty hitting it straight off the tee  a couple other holes.  It was a club I really wanted to like, but after the first round felt pretty frustrated with it.  My second round with it wasn’t much better.  As much as I liked the concept and the looks I thought it might be a dud from Ping.  My third time with it in the bag was a range day.  I spent a 1/4 of bucket of balls just hitting the Crossover to figure it out.  After that I found the swing it takes to hit this club well.  I needed to hit down on the ball a little more like a long iron, rather than a sweeping shot like a hybrid.  I also found that the off-set didn’t really cause it to hook like I feared.
Once I got the swing figured out, this is a really versatile club and one that hits a wide variety of shots.  I can hit it fairly high off the tee and a little lower off the ground.  It fits a niche that isn’t really available from other companies.  It is aimed at a mid-handicap golfer, but I think one that is going to take the time go practice with it and get to know how to hit it well.  It is kind of both and kind of neither.  It hits higher than a driving irons, but lower than a hybrid.
The Ping G Crossover has fairly solid feel for being a hollow head.  It has a flat sole that reduced the dig, even when you strike down on the ball like an iron.  It does have a fair amount of the mass out on the toe which will keep it from going left.  The Ping 90 gram Tour hybrid shaft in it makes for an excellent feeling combo.  I also liked how it filled the gap nicely between my 3-wood and 4-iron.  I could hit it right around 205 yards.  Also being able to flight the ball to your needs is nice to have the option on long shots.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Ping G Crossover

  • Spin: 4533 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 16.8*
  • Dispersion: 4.9 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 92.8 mph
  • Ball Speed: 131.4 mph
  • Total Distance:  207.2 yds
  • Carry Distance:  200.1 yds

The Ping G Crossover doesn’t fit conventional labels of a hybrid or driving iron.  It might not even be a club you like on your first try, but once you learn how to hit it, you might find real benefits to your game with it in the bag.  Take the time, get to know it, and see if it might fill the gap between your woods and irons.

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Quick Hits
+Nice looks
+Solid feel
+Great Performance
–Not a hybrid, not a driving iron; kind of both

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