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Review: Ping G20 3-wood

Securing a place in my bag
Of all the clubs in my bag, the 3-wood tends to be the most fickle and most changed club.  I seem to go through 3-woods more than any other club, simply because it needs to be versatile, forgiving, long and easy to hit.  I use my 3-wood for shorter tee shots, long fairway shots, bombs out of the rough and controlled drives.

The Ping G20 has earned its place in my bag because it was able to make every shot I needed my 3-wood to make.  The G20 is very similar to the driver in that is has a charcoal colored crown, black and red on the polished sole.  The Ping TFC 169F tour shaft is also surprisingly consistent and feels great.  The face is shorter and the head itself is right in the middle, not too small, not too big.

The first hurdle that the Ping G20 3-wood faced was hitting the long fairway shot.  The 3rd hole on a course I often play is a medium length par 5.  I’ve never been able to reach in two.  But after crushing the Ping G20 driver (review here) I pulled out the G20 3wood and ripped a perfect shot that bounced right in front of the green and carried up onto the green.  The next par 5 I almost reached in two, it was another rip out of fairway.  It continues to be the longest 3-wood I have hit off the fairway, and it is easy to elevate and just wants to go straight.

The next hurdle is how will it fly off the tee?  I’ve had 3-woods that were great off the turf, but because of their thin nature, were tough to hit off the tee.  But not the Ping G20.  I kept the tee low and just swung away.  This club just lifted the ball off the tee perfectly and oh so straight.  It is a fairway finder off the tee, which is really what you are looking for when you are giving up distance and not hitting the driver.

Finally could I hit it out of the rough?  It didn’t take long to find a chance to hit on out of the first cut of rough.  The G20 3-wood went down into the grass and lifted the ball out hitting a bomb even from some thick rough.  I did get a little greedy with this club, thinking I could hit it out of the taller stuff.  It didn’t happen.  I don’t think any 3-wood could, but I had to try.  It just simply doesn’t lift the ball quickly enough out of deeper rough.  So make sure your lie is playable before setting the G20 3-wood down to hit the ball.

The Ping G20 wood line is really impressive.  They have clean looks, simple design and just work.  The G20 3-wood cleared all my hurdles with flying colors and secured a spot in my bag.

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For more information:

Quick hits
+Easy to elevate
+Strong, long flight

–Headcover tough to get on

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