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Review: Ping Tour-S Rustique Wedges

When rust is good
On almost anything metal, rust is considered evil, except when it comes to wedges.  Ping introduced their new Tour-S series with an oil-can finish they call Rustique.  These wedges will rust up a little in the wear area.  The rust color is very similar to the original finish that will wear from use. 

The new Tour-s Wedge have a new tuning port in the cavity which is very similar to the S56 irons.  (see Review here).  This tuning port Ping uses to create a cast club with excellent feel.  They also redistribute the weight to the perimeter for some forgiveness in a wedge.  The design, feel and over all play made me forget that these have conforming grooves.

I ordered a 52* 56* and 60* with KBS shafts to match the S56 irons.  They all have similar grinds which are on the moderate side.  I believe you can get more aggressive grind from the Ping WRX department.  They all have a great shape, and aggressive, yet conforming grooves.  I was also please with how they dug just a little but no huge divots.

 The 52* gap wedge served me well.  I was able to use it most on full shots, but from time to time to keep trajectory down on chips.  While the grind isn’t overly aggressive, I still found it to be fairly versatile.  I found this to be my 110 club every time I needed it.

The 56* is primarly my sand wedge.  This club too didn’t have any fancy grind, but it just worked.  It was able to escape the sand easily and typically with good spin.  I had many sand saves with this wedge.  I did use it too from the fairway at 100 yards.  I had very good trajectory and distance control with this wedge.

 The 60* does everything else.  I use it on full shots at 90 yards and everything inside of that.  I was really happy with this wedge even though the grind was similar to the other 2 wedges.  I could still open it up and hit the flop.  The leading edge was sharp enough to cut through the rough to extricate a ball, but didn’t dig too much on tight lies.

I was really impressed with the amount of spin that all three wedges offered.  I have sets of both non-conforming and conforming grooves.  While there is some difference I didn’t notice it much with these.  They are sharp and spin the ball nicely.   While I didn’t have many spin back, I wasn’t dealing with much roll out either.  I just always felt in control of the spin.

 Rust is a good thing on these Ping Tour-S wedges.  They look great, offer a non-glare finish and spin the ball very nicely.  For cast wedges they even felt pretty good.  

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Quick Hits
+Cast yet good feel
+Great spin for CC grooves
+Versatile wedge
+Oil Can/Rustique Finish

–Minimal grind


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