Review: ProActive F4 Turbo Collapsible Resistance Trainer

Giving a Boost of Speed to Your Swing
There is really only one way to hit the ball further; swing faster.  It would be great if all the new $400 drivers automatically swung faster, but for the most part they all go about the same speed.  Some are better fitting or offer more forgiveness, but at the end of the day, the swing speed is up to the golfer.  If you want to swing faster you need to do something to accomplish this.  You can lift weights, take lessons, become more flexible or practice with an F4 Turbo Resistance Trainer.
The F4 Turbo Trainer is really simple.  It is an umbrella like golf club that catches air as you swing it, thus creating resistance.  It collapses just like an umbrella so you can slide it in your bag no problem.  It has a standard grip on it and is about the length of a wedge.  It also has additional weights you can screw into the tip for even greater strength training.  There is no need for a DVD or even an instruction booklet to figure out how this thing works.  It folds and unfolds like an umbrella, has a golf grip on it and swings like a club.  It is just long enough to feel like a normal club, but yet short enough I could swing it indoors.
Does it work?  If you use it regularly, it will increase your clubhead speed.  I spent 1 month using it faithfully 6 days a week.  Every morning after my workout I would swing it 25 times, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but you start to feel it by the 20th swing.  I gained about 4mph from the beginning to the end.  I spent time on my Flightscope when it first arrived and I averaged 101 mph clubhead speed.  At the end of the month I had my speed up to 105 mph.  Now I don’t assume that sort of progress will continue at that pace, but my goal is to get to 110 mph by the fall.  I will keep swinging it, using the weights and maybe getting even more reps in.

Another use that I can see it being a practical tool for is warming up before a round.  If you don’t have time to hit the range or even if you do, swinging this a few times to get loose could be beneficial.  Just be careful.  I took it with me to the range one day and swung it about 20 times before I started hitting range balls.  It threw my timing off so bad I could barely hit the first 20 balls.  The sudden lack of resistance created a timing issue with my swing that I kept either flipping through the ball or digging in the dirt.  Since then I’ve only swung it a couple times just to stretch before my range session and haven’t had any issues. 

If you want to give your swing an F4 Turbo boost check this resistance trainer out.  I think it is best suited for working out at home separate from hitting balls or just as a light warmup tool swung only a few times before hitting regular clubs.  I picked up 4 mph and am shooting for 10 mph total maybe even more, we’ll see where it goes.  But if you really want to hit the ball further, you need to swing faster and this may be the easiest way to do so. 

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Adds mph to swingspeed
+Easy to use
+Compact and fits in bag
+Variety of weights for more or less resistance

–Can mess up swing timing if used right before hitting balls