Review: Provoto Advantage Traveler Putting Green

Drive for Show, Putt for Dough (and on the go)
We’ve all heard that saying before and while we all know how true it is, I would guess that if you are like me, you spend less time and money on your short game.  It maybe that you get bored on the putting green, don’t have the time, or feel that if you could just hit your driver 5 yards further or straighter your scores would improve.  But again I’m reminded that if you want to lower your scores, work on your putting.  Provoto Advantage Putting Green is the perfect tool to work on your putting and lower your score.   You can even take it with you on the go. 
The basic details of a Provoto Advantage Putting Green is a wooden structure that folds in  half.  Unfolded it is 8′ long and about 13″ wide.  It also has a small section to stand on so that you are that same level.  It is 24″ by 16″.  They have a number of different “turf” options to match the typical green speed you putt on.  There is a POP-UP cup at one end and the regulation size hole can also have a filler to make it a mini hole requiring even greater accuracy with your putts.  The wood works is all flawless and the entire unit is very classy.  It has a built in level so you can easily get it perfectly flat and smooth.  If you want to put some break into the green or have a slightly uneven spot to put it, there are thumb screws to adjust the right side or left side of the putting green.  It will work for both right or left handed golfers.

An add on feature that is worth every penny it the arched Putting Channel and laser line.  These two additions work great at lining up putts and practicing straight putts.  Even the slightest push or pull won’t exit the putting channel.  It does promote a slight arched stroke, but can be used with any style of stroke (minus a huge arched stroke) and putter. 

This whole unit folds in half and can be put in a large fitted duffle bag that comes with the putting green so that you could take it with you on golf trips.  So it is portable, but at the weight and bulk I wouldn’t take on a weekend trip, but if I had a serious golf tournament coming up that I was going to be gone all week for, I could see the benefit of setting it up in my hotel room and practicing during some down time.

Like any training aid the question is “Does it work and will you continue to use it?”  Right before mine arrived, my putting had gotten sloppy.  I was very inconsistent with direction and speed.  This helped with both of those.  I set it up in my basement right away and started working with the laser and putting channel and instantly my putting got better on my next round.  As of late I’ve had some of my best scores of the season mainly because my putting has been better.  I think some credit is given to my new putter, (review here) but I think this putting green allows me to roll a few even when I’m not thinking too much about golf, but just ingraining a good straight stroke.  I think I’ve gotten more use out of this training aid than any other I have.  I keep reminding myself even when I haven’t hit the ball perfect with my other clubs I still can score low because of good putting.  

The saying true, Drive for show, but Putt for dough!  The Provoto Advanatge Travel Putting Green is the perfect investment for practicing and getting better.  The Putting Channel and Laser line is a must have.  It really helps dial in your consistency and hitting straight putts.  Make sure to use the coupon at the very bottom of this review, you can’t find a better investment for improving your scores.

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Quick Hits
+Excellent Craftsmanship
+Very helpful laser and Putting Channel
+POP-UP cup for easy ball return
+Built in level
+Multiple turf options
+Travel bag

–Maybe a bit bulky for travel