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by: T_Fity
Another "Better" Golf Ball?
It seems that each year we see a new golf ball or two trying to cut into the proverbial pie. The larger more established companies have a majority share, but numerous companies have joined the pie eating contest. I came across an article recently about a golf ball with a computer chip in the center to track stats and the ball. This led me to OnCore, a company who entered the market years ago trying to make a better ball. They introduced 3 new models recently: ELIXR, CALIBER, and AVANT.


The flagship in high performance for OnCore is the ELIXR™ tour ball. It is a 3 piece ball with a urethane cover. The technical advantage is the ELIXR™ features perimeter weighting in the middle layer to increase the moment of inertia and provide more stable and predictable flight. My testing indicated that all of these goals are true. I found the ball to be responsive and perform very well. Compared to other tour level golf balls I’ve played the ELIXR™ performs as well or better than most. This was not a surprise because most of the golf balls described as a tour level golf ball have similar if not the same components. This is proven in our Vice Tour Ball Review. Take all the print off this ball and it would be hard pressed to know if was any different than the others in the market.


The most interesting golf ball I may have tested so far is the CALIBER ball from OnCore. It was most interesting because of the hollow metal ball in the core instead of a typical rubber compound.    “The CALIBER golf ball features a 392 dimple pattern, an 80 compression, that comes from the unification of our .9 inch hollow metal core and our SoftCell technology around the mantle layer.”  “As a result of our .9 inch hollow metal core, when the ball is struck you get significant rifle spin while reducing sidespin, allowing the ball to travel along a straight trajectory similar to a bullet leaving the barrel.”

There is a distinctive metal ting when hitting the CALIBER. It sounded like muted metal on metal when they are hit. Not as much of this sound with the putter or wedges, but because sound and feel are linked together, it was something I didn’t associate with hitting a golf ball. The numbers were not as bad as the sound of the ball. It was about average for the driver, but a bit shorter than a normal 7 iron. I have to wonder if this is really just a gimmick more than anything because there are no other balls like this in the market today. I understand the idea behind the concept, but the sound was too much to overcome for me to put this in play as my gamer.


The OnCore AVANTis a low compression ball with SoftCell technology. I’ve hit many low compression models before and the soft feel is much the same in most of them. The feel of the AVANT is best described as a marshmallow. I saw a drop in driver distance, but a gain in iron distance. The key to this ball is the really low spin. When the compression gets lower, the ball becomes more out of round and spins less as a result.  I don’t mind the yellow color and there is a white golf ball as well. This a great ball for those seeking something with a very soft feeling and straighter flights.

OnCore makes 3  very distinct models: ELIXR, CALIBER, and AVANT.   While the Caliber might have been their original design for straighter shots, the ELIXR is the ball that has gained attention with better players.  If you want super soft, the AVANT is for you and at the other end of the spectrum is the metal feeling CALIBER. 

Quick Hits
+Multiple Models to Choose From
+Moderately Priced
+Good Value
+Current Technology

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