Review: Quarry Golf Course

The name says it all.
I have played a number of courses called the quarry, but none were as impressive as the back 9 at this Quarry.  Many of the others I have played while they were part of a quarry at one time play near the pit, or around part of the top of a quarry or just have some remnants of the quarry, but the back 9 at the Quarry, San Antonio play right in the bottom of the quarry pit.   The setting is amazing and beautiful.
The staff here was excellent.  They were really friendly and helped me navigate my round.  The back nine is spectacular.  If you could only play 9 holes, these are a must play.  But the other 9 too offer a great challenge as they are set on top of some of the quarry remains.  It is just like what its names says, Quarry golf. 
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Quick Hits 
+Awesome Back 9
+Challenging Layout
+Great Conditions

-Tough to Read Greens
-Quarry remnants (rocks and pebbles) 

While the back 9 is truly the star of this course, the front 9 is no slouch.  It starts off with a tricky downhill par 4.  Driver is probably not the best choice because you run out of room fast.  The second shot is tricky because of the downhill and water right.  The 2nd hole plays at the lowest point of the property and is near the railroad tracks.  It is a straightforward par 5.  It isn’t too long and probably is reachable in 2 for some.  The 3rd hole is a nice par 3.  It plays to a flat green with some water on the left and long.  The 4th hole plays with a pond on the right side, but isn’t too long so accuracy is most important.  The 5th hole is a long dogleg left par 5.  It has some intimidation off the tee with all the water, but there really is plenty of room.  The 6th hole plays uphill and seemed long playing into the wind.  The 7th hole plays slightly downhill, but it is all about the second shot, going long on this hole your ball is gone, it drops off.  The 8th hole is a gorgeous par 3 with water long and right.  The 9th hole is really a challenging hole.  While not overly long the slope and creek bed along the left side of the fairway and the uphill second shot make this a solid way to end the front side.

The back nine is the pride and joy of this course.  You cross under the street back to the clubhouse and head out into the quarry.  The tenth hole was probably my least favorite hole on the property because of the recently completed townhomes.  But it still was a nice solid par 4 to start the back side.  The 11th hole comes back and plays into the quarry more.  It plays a little more downhill and isn’t too tough.  The next string of holes is really nice.  The par 3 12th hole is beautiful with the bridge and rock walls.  It is a challenging little hole.  The 13th hole is another beauty.  The tee ball is key to this one.  There is rock ledge along the left side of the fairway and you can try to make this a shorter approach by cutting over the rock ledge.  The 14th hole takes you back up toward the club house.  It is a strong uphill par 4.  The 15th hole is a good downhill par 5 that with sufficient length could be reached in 2.  The 16th is a long par 3 to a raised green.  The 17th hole plays really tough.  The quarry wall in on the right and quarry ledge is on the left.  Finding the fairway is vital.  So many balls are lost on this hole.  The 18th hole could maybe use a little work.  It is a finishing par 5.  I hit what everyone in our foursome thought was a perfect drive and it still did not stay in the fairway.  Everything wants to slope away from the quarry wall on the right.  The fairway is already narrow and tough.  Par is excellent on this hole as you climb the hill to finish in front of the clubhouse.