REVIEW: Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK 3-wood

Driver Tech + Hybrid Tech = Long and Versatile 3-wood
Many golfers have a love/hate relationship with their 3-wood.  Some golfers would prefer to hit 3-wood off the tee or any other longer shot.  While others have pretty much given up hope in a 3-wood, even to the point of not carrying one in their bag anymore.  Cobra however created a 3-wood that will appeal to either golfer and everyone in between with the new Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK 3-wood.  It combines Cobra’s new driver technology with the milled face and SPEEDBACK shape as well as one of the greatest hybrid technologies to ever be made the Baffler rails.  This combination makes it one of the best you can buy, because the Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK 3-wood is long and versatile.
The last few Cobra 3-woods have really impressed me and the F9 SPEEDBACK has done it again.  This year I went with the regular F9 SPEEDBACK 3-wood instead of the Tour (formerly +) model.  While I can squeeze more distance and hit lower shots with the Tour model, I don’t really need the distance, I’d rather have the additional forgiveness.   I’m really trying to get a dialed in distance and accuracy over pure distance.  With that said, the Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK is still really long.  I hit it numerous times on approach shots on par 5s to have some really good looks at eagle.  The driver tech that has been incorporated in this 3-wood gives it a little more “pop” than the F8. 
Let’s talk about all the different technologies in the Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK 3-wood.  The list includes: CNC Milled Face, SPEEDBACK shape, carbon fiber crown, 360 Aero design, Baffler Rails, Myfly8 Hosel and Smart Pad, E9 Speed Tuned with Dual Roll, 15g tungsten weight and Arccos Grip.  That is one long list of “stuff” in this club.  While every 3-wood has technology built into it, this one takes all the best of what Cobra has produced in a wide range of their clubs and puts it all in this 3-wood. For me I think the CNC face is one of my favorites that really offers a consistent speed and feel off the face.  This thing really launches the ball.  If you read back over my Cobra reviews I have always been impressed by their face tech, CNC milled and E9.  This combo makes the face forgiving, fast and consistent in the right places.
The Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK 3-wood also has the SPEEDBACK shape combined with the carbon fiber crown and 360 aero design means this club cuts through the either with ease.  While it is hard to tell if all those things are cracked up to what they claim, but I will say this club is fast.  I hit it on my FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor and got great numbers.  My on-course play also suggested that all of these technologies combined worked for long shots.  It is just shorter than my driver which is really what I’m looking for.  I want to be able to hit the club on holes that I need to stay short of driver or simply must find the fairway.  This club does that for me.   The forgiveness with the Baffler rails on the bottom and the 15 gram tungsten weight in the back make for a club that is easy to hit straight and high.  The CG is very low for an easy launch and straight shots.  I could still work the ball a little when absolutely necessary, but I still prefer straight.
The Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK 3-wood can hit the ball from just about anywhere.  It sits behind the ball nicely on a short tee, it touches the fairway turf just enough on the Baffler rails to allow for clean swipes and can even cut through the rough like a hybrid on long shots that missed the fairway.  It is simply a confident club from every angle or any lie.  Obviously super thick rough it didn’t conquer, but no 3-wood can.  I especially like it from the fairway because I know the rails will guide the club through the turf at impact for straight shots.  Their “rudder” like effect keeps the club from twisting as the ground force is competing with the forward motion.
Cobra has moved away from the all bright colored heads to a more subtle, but still bold color palatte.  The mostly black head with bright yellow accesents looks really nice behind the ball, but yet clearly has some Cobra flair.  I went with the Cobra King SPEEDBACK 3/4-wood combo and played it fairly stock as a 3-wood.  The Fujikura Atmos Blue shaft has been a really nice pairing for my swing too.  I didn’t really get along with that shaft in drivers, but it is really stable and smooth for my 3-wood swing.  The 70 gram shaft has a nice weight to it which still allows for fast swings, but enough stoutness to keep everything under control.  The Arccos grip is simply the icing on the cake.  I have fully bought into Arccos shot tracking tech.   I do my best to play all my rounds with Arccos and it has truly helped my game and I even use them on my Cobra King Forged Tec Irons. It isn’t a guessing game anymore, but honestly knowing and seeing what every club actually hits has been helpful for lowering scores.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK 3-wood

  • Spin: 2831 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 13.1*
  • Dispersion: 4.4 yds
  • Club Speed: 101.3 mph
  • Ball Speed: 149.2 mph
  • Total Distance:  266.7 yds
  • Carry Distance:  238.4 yds

The Cobra F9 SPEEDBACK 3-wood might be one of the most underated clubs of 2019.  I know that drivers and driver tech are always the most exciting products each year, but with Cobra taking their driver tech and putting it in the F9 SPEEDBACK 3-wood this club deserves some buzz.  I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the results of this club on the course.  Looks, feel, accuracy, forgiveness and distance are all happening at the same time in this club.  If you haven’t checked out the Cobra King F9 SPEEDBACK 3-wood, you need to see if the combination of driver technology and hybrid technology make this your favorite 3-wood too.

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Quick Hits:
+CNC milled face
+E9 variable face
+Amazing feel
+Superb forgiveness
+Baffler rails work
+Arccos Grip

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