REVIEW: Rhoback Apparel

A Golfer's Best Friend
Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friends.  Rhoback Apparel is named and branded after the adventurous    Rhodesian Ridgeback dog.  Rhoback’s best friend influenced their apparel brand, as a breed that perpetually craves     activity with an unmistakable ridge down its back.  This inspired the Rhoback brand which craves activity on or off the course.  Their main apparel offerings are a polo shirt and 1/4 zip pullover that might just become a golfer’s best friend.
The Shirt
There are literally hundreds of golf shirts available from all different manufactures with different stories and philosophies.  The Rhoback Shirt is self designed to meet the needs of active golfers.  It has many similarities to other “dry-fit” golf shirts, with some cut differences compared to other brands.  I was most impressed that fit was perfect tucked or untucked which is surprisingly rare to find in most golf polos.  The stretch of the material is amazing and allows for great comfort while swinging.  There is zero restriction in the shoulders, sleeves or back while wearing this shirt.  They also did a great job with the collar, with enough buttons, but keeping the last from the top down far enough that it looks just right.

I went with the Rhoback Casey Jones which is navy and maroon, but when paired together almost look like a bright pink when moving.  It is a really nice look with horizontal stripes that don’t make you look wide.  I like that their M is the perfect size for me as it should be in most brands.  The self-collar has held up well to 6 washes.  The shirt still looks like new after extreme desert heat and sweat.  I played golf in this shirt when it was 115* in AZ.  I also like that it offers UV protection too in the intense summer sun.

The Q-Zip
I don’t wear a pullover during the summer months in AZ, but I was still able to get some testing in on this Rhoback Q-zip on a couple cooler mornings and evenings.  This maybe they best product.  As much as I loved the shirts, their q-zip is the best pullover I own.  I’ve got some other that I thought was the best, and while they are really good, the Rhoback takes the top spot.  The material is what makes it so ideal for golf.  It is 54% polyester, 32% nylon, 14% spandex.  This really is the key to why it is superior to others in my closet.  It is lighter weight, more stretchy and just plain more comfortable.  It might not be as warm as a thicker one, but I don’t need it to be a warm jacket, just something to knock down the chill on a cold morning.

I went with the Fog Horn which is a heathered grey with navy accent.  It pairs perfectly with the Casey Jones shirt.  It has some of those great features found in the Rhoback shirts; the self collar and being tagless.  The cut is also what allow for comfort walking, swinging or even out on the town.  It fits just right over a shirt.  I went with the L because I found it to be just a little better fit over other clothing.

If you are a dog lover and a golfer, the Rhoback brand is perfect for you.  The dog logo on their shirts is simple enough but clearly a dog.  They make an outstanding golf shirt and an even better q-zip.  If you are looking for a well-fitting, comfortable and functional shirt and q-zip, Rhoback might just become your best friend.

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Quick Hits:
+Great fit
+Excellent materials
+Dog lovers logo
+Perfect weight Q-zip

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