REVIEW: Ping G400 LST Driver

Driving Greens. Longest Drive. A G400 Theme
There are many different ways to decide how good a driver is. You can use a Launch Monitor to prove your statistics. You can use a GPS tracking system to see if your average distance went up on the course. You can see how many times it won on tour. You can even just “eyeball” it and get a sense of distance off the tee. The Ping G400 LST validation for me happened when I used it to drive a number of greens on short par 4s. That was backed up when I won a long drive contest at a charity scramble for the first time. The basic theme when having the G400 in the bag was success.
The G400 is the next evolution of Ping drivers that just builds on the success of the G driver.  In many ways it looks the same and has the same options.  There are few tweaks that made to improve the G400 over the G.  The first thing I noticed in the LST model is the change in loft.  The new 8.5 loft shaves off .5* which helps lower spin.  I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t lose any launch angle.  I wasn’t sure if the 8.5* or 10* LST would be the better option.  I typically play a 9.5* driver.  This 8.5* driver launched it just as high as a 9.5* so I’m glad I went with the lower lofted head.  I’m guessing other high swing speed golfers can appreciate the lower loft, especially if launching the ball is fairly easy.
The other noticeable change in the Ping G400 LST driver is the “dragonfly” crown.  It has visible bumps as well as an infinity edge which paired with bolder turbulators make for a more distinct and aerodynamic crown.  The head itself feels just a little more muted too.  This change alters the sounds  which is even better than the G.  The change in geometry and weight savings in different spots of the head make it even more forgiving than the G driver. This is another area to take notice.  Center strikes on just about any current driver are going to go far, it is the off center hits that companies are trying to maximize distance to increase driving average.  Ping continues to offer one of the most forgiving drivers, yet one that is still long. 
The newest feature of the Ping G400 LST is the forged T9S+ face.  This one is a little harder to test, even with a launch monitor, other than the whole driver produces better results than the G driver did.  The face I’m certain has something to do with that.  A thinner stronger face can release more energy into the ball, while the weight savings can be used elsewhere for more forgiveness.
The G400 LST model is Ping’s lowest spinning driver, yet the high MOI and forgiving design make it very playable for many golfers.  The higher the swing speed the better suited golfers are for the LST.  The Tungsten weight was moved forward to reduce spin, without reducing forgiveness.  I also went with the Ping Tour 65  stiff shaft for a lower launching, lower spinning shaft.  This combo is not counter balanced so I was able to keep my timing while swinging this driver.  I still don’t know why I can’t hit a CB shaft in a driver, but my timing gets off and I can’t get the results I get with a non-CB shaft.  I also tried a ProjectX HAZRDUS Black in this head and this combo has been legit.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Ping G400 LST Driver

  • Spin: 1885 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 14.0*
  • Dispersion: 6.2 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 107.5 mph
  • Ball Speed: 161.3 mph
  • Total Distance:  297.8 yds
  • Carry Distance:  275.4 yds

The Ping G400 LST driver is winning on tour, winning awards from other websites and won a long drive competition in my bag.  The success I’ve found with it on the course in my bag has validated that G400 LST is a great driver.  It is both long and forgiving.  The lower loft shouldn’t scare you off, the big key I think it making sure you get the right shaft for your swing.  I can’t do the “stock” counterbalanced shaft, but the tour 65 works great, or you might even consider another upgrade once you do a fitting. It is hard to argue with the success of the club.  I love watching drives land on the green and putting for eagle and I really liked winning the longest drive competition.  There is a theme of success with the Ping G400 LST driver.

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Quick Hits:
+Very forgiving
+Great sound
+Good stock shaft options
+Low Spin

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