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Seeing more 1 and 2 putts.
My favorite golf image of all time is Payne Stewart pumping his fist in victory at the 1999 U.S. Open.  He won that tournament with his SeeMore Putter.  There was a great deal of buzz about SeeMore putters in 1999.  Problems arose shortly after that when SeeMore went eight years without introducing any new putters.  In 2007 under new ownership things changed, and now there are more than eight different models of SeeMore putters.
For my review, I wanted to try the same putter that Payne Steward used to win. (the same model at least)  The mFGP is the flagship model of the SeeMore putter line.  If you are not sure you want a milled putter or the center shaft model; check out the many other options of SeeMore putters. Also you should know, we picked the SeeMore putter as the top pick for best center shafted putter!

RifleScope Technology (RST) is the key to all SeeMore putters.  It is essentially a system of perfectly placed lines and a red oval.  If everything is in sync, you will see 3 white lines, 1 along your target line and 2 framing the shaft.  If you are misaligned, you will see part of the red oval.  There is no doubt with this putter, you are either lined up or you are not.

So the question is; “Will I see more 1 and 2 putts?”  From my experience, during your first round you probably will not.  I found myself so worried about avoiding the sight of that red dot like the plague that I didn’t make too many putts. On my second round I used the RifleScope Technology to line things up and then just tried to putt.  It got better, but I was still a little worried about that red oval.  By the 3rd round I fell in love with my mFGP and RST.  I found it so easy to line up, commit to the line and then putt.  The more you use the putter the easier it is to use the RST for alignment and then putting like normal.  It can also serve as a great training aid, if you close or open the face during your stroke you can learn to have a consistent stroke by using RST on the practice green.

The details of this putter were very nice.  It has milled groove face that felt great, no mushy feeling insert. The 303 stainless steel head had a very pleasant metallic click at impact. The black head looks very clean on the putting green with obviously no glare.  The SeeMore Golf Pride grip was nice and thick with a soft tacky feel.  To top it off, the mFGP comes with a black SeeMore headcover, lined with an orange/white fleece.  It has a quality and a feel that matches any other high-end putter.

There were a couple of interesting observations when using this putter.  I typically play a heel-shafted putter with a cavity in the middle of the face with most of the weight of the head on the edges.  The mFGP was rather different.  The weight of the head is in the center and the cavities are on the edges, which is really noticeable if you don’t hit the ball in the center of the face.  Also moving from a heel shaft to a center shaft took some adjustment with ball placement.  I kept hitting it out away from the shaft toward the toe.  There is a noticeable, feel, sound and performance difference when you hit the ball anywhere outside of center.  All of these nuances of the mFGP require just minor adjustments you’d make when using any new putter.

The only real complaint I have about the putter is the head weight or options for head weight.  It is lighter than I prefer at 330g.  SeeMore could use some heavier head options on the flagship model, whether it is an adjustable system or just different ordering options.  The design of the head does allow for some discreet placement of lead tape in the cavities behind the face without being noticeable from address.

Even though the mFPG is a lighter head, surprisingly distance control was not a problem.  I had no 3 putts with the putter except on one green. (but that wasn’t the putter’s fault; the undulation didn’t allow any putt to stay near the hole.)

RST may not be brand new technology, but it works.  There are few alignment aids that work as well as the RST on SeeMore Putters.   What the new owners have done with the company is great.  They took the original design, the original technology and advanced it with multiple putter designs.  If you want to see more 1 and 2 putts, the mFGP is a great putter.

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