Review: Sik Pro Putter

Sik of 3-putts?
The 3-putt might be the worst thing in golf.  You reach the green in regulation only to walk off of it with a bogey.  They are deflating and round wrecking.  Yes, even a pro will hit a 3-putt every now and then (just ask DJ) but any chance an amateur can cut down on their 3-putts will certainly help their scores.  Consistency is going to be a big key to eliminating 3-putts.  If you can roll the ball better repeatedly, it should help you hole more putts or at least avoid the dreaded 3-putt more often.  Sik has Descending Loft Technology or DLT which should help you get better roll on the ball, even if your shaft angle isn’t always perfect.

Basically DLT is designed to created a more consistent loft no matter if you forward press or loft the face at impact.  The top of the face is 4* loft and it works its way down to 1* of loft at the bottom.  This should help you get to more optimal strike every putter stroke.  Sik describes the window of loft as much tighter no matter what you do to the face at impact.  A typical putter would have maybe an 8* gap from top to bottom while the Sik putter has only 4*.  This can be pretty significant when trying to get the ball going in the right direction at the right speed.

The PVD black finish looks great along with the white paint fill.  I went with the Pro head because I like the plumbers neck/anser style.  This putter is as well crafted as any on the market.  The milling on this carbon steel head looks great.  The soft metal feel is just what you would expect from a head with these specs.  The grip and headcover are very nice finishing touches to this well made putter.

So what happens in real life on the green?  The Sik putter kept away the 3-putt bug.  I had multiple rounds without a 3-putt carded.  I’ve found putters with some sort of forward roll technology have worked well for me and this one is no different.  I like that it doesn’t have a mushy insert or some sort of crazy design, but simplicity in this case is actually a good thing.  I found lagging putting to be pretty easy with the nicely weighted head at 360 grams.  Short putts were easy to line up and stroke in.  The only thing I didn’t get was a ton of 1 putts.  It seemed like a 2 putt machine from any distance.  (maybe this has more to do with my approach shots)

Seriously, the DLT works in avoiding the 3-putt.  There was a consistent roll on the ball stroke after stroke.  It looks stunning and putts well with good feel; these is not much else you can ask from a putter.  I hope they can keep expanding their offerings and styles as they move forward.  If you are Sik of 3-putts check these putters out.

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Quick Hits:
+No 3-putts
+Great looks
+Excellent feel
+DLT consistency
+Many different options

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