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I have used the Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie Cart for 4 rounds on AZ golf courses. This electric remote caddie is the ultimate follow cart for walkers looking to enjoy their round of golf while keeping their hands free.  The Follow feature puts it “head and shoulders” above all other electric caddie carts.

This is the definitive Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie Cart Review for 2022.

One of the most enjoyable moments in golf is walking down a tightly mowed fairway as you approach the green after a perfectly struck shot.  If you can make that walk without pushing anything or riding over to the cart path to walk back to the green, it is ideal.  It is especially enjoyable with just a putter in hand.  You can’t do that with a push cart, power cart, or even most electric caddies; however the Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie allows you to make this walk hands free proudly and confidently, knowing the rest of your clubs will be right behind you.  Since 2020, walking has made a huge resurgence in the US.   COVID-19 changed the way we golf, by encouraging social distancing.  While I have always preferred to walk, it isn’t so easy with resort courses and AZ heat.   I have other remote electric caddie carts, but the Stewart Golf Q Follow offers so much more than the other models on the market.  Not only is the normal remote driving easy and enjoyable, the follow feature makes this the best of the best.

I first saw Stewart Golf carts at the PGA show years ago.  They certainly have an eye catching design.  While they were available in the US, it wasn’t until recently that the US walking market blew up.  Stewart Golf is now a full time player in the US cart game.  The Q Follow is their flagship model.  It looks like a push cart, but is a fully powered remote caddie.  It is easy enough for anyone to fold up and place in the boot of their car(that is the trunk) and unfolds very easily so that you can place your bag on it.  It is a “remote” only cart without any buttons or control on the handles.  It still has a handle for one handed steering in tight spaces around water, tee boxes or other golfers.

The Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie Cart is the ultimate follow machine in every aspect of its design.  As you can see from their logoing, they are very proud of the fact that the entire cart is designed and produced in Great Britain.  While is nothing wrong with factories in other parts of the world, Stewart wants to over see quality control right in their own factory.  You know that when you buy one of these carts you are getting a special, high quality product.  While the cart itself looks pretty basic, the technology in the cart and remote are unique to the golf world.  The dual bluetooth, the battery and motors are all specially designed for this cart.   It is also obvious as you study the design that it was made for the climate in Great Britain rather than AZ climate.  Don’t get me wrong, it works amazingly well in AZ, but many of the weather proofing features aren’t as necessary here as they are in the wet/sloppy conditions of Great Britain.

The Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie is focused on the remote.  This cart lives and breaths through the remote.  If you want to move it in any direction, the remote is essentially necessary to do so.  While there is a “freewheel” option on the hubs, 99% of the time you will be using this in remote mode.  The buttons are fairly intuitive.  If you want to go forward push the forward arrow, if you want to go back, you hold the back arrow and turning it requires the side buttons.  One of the more interesting features of the motor system is the speed.  While it goes fast enough that you almost have to start jogging, it is slower than some of the other electric caddies on the market on purpose.  They want to conserve battery, but also see no need to have a cart going 50mph down the fairway because you’ll never be able to keep up anyways.  They believe that speed will just lead to more problems.

The most important button on the Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie is the follow button.  They don’t recommend use of the follow mode in tight quarters, but out in the fairways where they suggest its use.  While that is wise, I think you can be a little more “aggressive” with the follow mode and use it on wide cart paths or in areas where there is little danger.  I played 6 holes straight in AZ where I didn’t take it out of follow mode because it would follow me just fine from tee to green and then green to tee.  It is truly impressive.  Once you put it in follow move, you clip the remote to your pocket or belt and walk normal, hands free of any cart worries.  You will hear it following behind and making adjustments constantly to say a couple yards behind and roughly on the same path as you walked.  When you stop, it stops about a couple yards away.  If you get closer, it stays put so that you can grab a club.  If you walk away it will start following again.  Usually, you then just leave the remote on the cart while you hit and then pick it back up to walk again.  There are only 2 potential issues; if you have other Stewart Follow carts in the area they interfere with each other, or if you swing the remote in your hand while you are walking, the cart will sputter and jolt as it is trying to follow this swinging motion.
 The 36+ hole battery on the Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie Cart is placed very low and central to reduce any tipping potential the cart might have.  (it also has a wheelie bar to avoid tipping back).  The battery is dropped in the cart and has an on/off switch.  This will allow you to control and conserve battery as much as possible when you aren’t using the cart.  You can also pull up the app before your round (preferably the night before) to see if you have enough for your round.  While they rate it for 36 holes, it can easily do 54 and still have power left.
The box of the Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie comes with the cart, remote, battery and charger.  If you want any of the “bells and whistles” you need to add those to your order.  The ball holder is considered an essential in Great Britain because of how wet golf balls get during a round of golf.  I would have liked to see a standard cup holder included stock since I can’t play golf without water to drink.  A water bottle is pretty much a standard accessory in golf (especially in AZ).  The card holder is nice since it covered to protect the card from the elements.  It has the screw threads in the handle for an umbrella holder.  They make other items that connect via standard cart clips.  If you have a regular push cart, you might even be able to steal some accessories from that cart and use them on the Q Follow.


The Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie Carts is the best electric caddie on the market and my favorite product in 2022.  While this isn’t my first electric caddie, Stewart certainly raises the bar with its design and follow feature.  It truly is the Ultimate Follow Caddie.  Not only is it the best functioning cart on the course, it is also the most compact, easy to carry cart off the course. I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money, but if you add up power cart fees along with the health benefits of walking, it doesn’t take that long to see this is a wise investment.  If you fly a drone, use your phone, or want your hands free while walking the fairways, the Q Follow is the best.  It is the Ultimate Follow Caddie.

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Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Stewart Golf has been producing carts in Great Britain for years, but the surge in walking has increased their market share in the USA.

  • ✅  Pros: Follow mode is the best, Easy to use remote, Compact folded, Handsfree walking, Outstanding battery life, Low center of gravity for stability.

  • ⛔  Cons: High cost, Few accessories included.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Stewart Golf make the ultimate follow caddie. If you want to enjoy a handsfree walk, this electric caddie is the best.



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