REVIEW: Stitch Camo Pique Polo

You Won't Blend In With This Camo
The idea behind camouflage is that it allows one to blend in with their environment. Most often we think of the greens and browns of Army camo. There are also versions of camo for cold weather which include whites and greys. The way that camouflage has been designed varies from time to time, but the purpose of blending in remains the key factor for soldiers or hunters. However Stitch created a camo polo to do the exact opposite. You will stand out in a crowd with their versions of camo. If you don’t want another polo that blends into the crowds, check out the Stitch Camo Pique Polo.
Stitch started as a headcover company, but over the last couple years has branched out into other soft good, specifically apparel.  It is kind of a natural progression to go from sowing up headcover to cover up golf club to sewing up apparel to cover up people.  Their attention to detail and quality show through in everything they do, especially their apparel.  It comes down to a few key factors: Fit, comfort, and style.  The Stitch Camo Pique Polo nails all 3 of those categories.
The Stitch Camo Pique Polo has what I call the Goldilocks fit: not too tight, not too loose, not too short and not too long; just right.  That can be surprisingly hard to find today with so many companies catering to specific sizing chart.  The Euro cut as it is sometimes called requires me  to buy XL shirts while the American cut requires me to get a S.  I like that Stitch found a normal sizing model so that I can wear a M comfortably.  I like that the sleeves are not tight or short, but just enough to cover the biceps some.  I like the neck has plenty of buttons to get a good fit there too.  It is just a touch longer than some, but not so long I couldn’t wear it untucked.  I found it worked tucked in or out depending on the setting.  It is ideal for slightly athletic build, but will work for both the non-muscle type as well as the slightly dad-bod type.
The Stitch Camo Pique Polo has become one of my favorite shirts because I love the style.  The pink camo is unique, bright, bold, but muted just enough to not feel like all eyes are on you wherever you go.  I want something different, but not so different everyone stares with a puzzled look.  This polo receives those complimentary words like cool shirts, nice design, that looks good and the like.  It is a light color which works well in the desert heat or there are 3 other darker colors that you can choose from.   I also like that the simple Stitch logo (S with circle around it) is on the back of the neck.  It can be seen, but isn’t “in your face.”
Materials have a lot to do with a shirts comfort.  The Stitch Camo Pique Polo has a pique texture to it, but yet remains light weight.  It isn’t too thick or heavy, but has just enough body that your body won’t show through the polo.  It is a dyed material so that the style is on the outside of the shirt, not the inside.  This method has been around now for a number of years and holds up really well to multiple washings and dryings.

Stitch makes a number polos, but I think their camo is their best.  It checks off all the boxes I look for in a golf shirt, great fit, on course comfort and unique style.  This camo won’t let you blend in, but yet has a subtle enough pattern and look to receive multiple compliments while wearing.  You might not be familiar yet with Stitch apparel, but check out their cool line of clothes, especially the Camo Pique Polo.

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Quick Hits:
+Great quality
+Excellent comfort
+Well done fit
+Unique style