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Three Sixty Six Apparel’s offers one of the largest selections of golf apparel.  The newest additions to their line up are pullovers both with a hood or without, along with new prints in their extensive polo selection.  I sported these new pieces in their collection on the course this winter in AZ during both hot and cold weather.  If you want to expand your golf apparel for more weather options and new prints, check out the new pullovers and polos from Three Sixty Six.

 This is the definitive Three Sixty Six Golf Apparel Review for 2023.

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New Choices!!

Do you ever go to your closet or drawers and feel like everything there you just wore the last time you played golf?  Maybe you have a fairly large collection of golf polos, but it can still feel old, outdated and just used yesterday kind of feeling.  I love the fact that Three Sixty Six has so many choices as well as constantly new pieces being added to their line up.  I found my new favorite polo in their collection as well as some new color options in pull overs that really layer perfectly in the fall/winter/spring  on those cooler rounds.  They continue to offer pre-order options for ridiculously low prices or even their regular prices are very fair and reasonable.

Cactus Cloud Polo

When I first saw Three Sixty Six Golf Apparel, they had this Cactus Cloud Polo as part of their pre-order program.  I had to wait a few months for the production of these polo, but it was soooo worth it.  This is now my favorite golf polo I own.  The AZ theme is perfectly done.  The combination of saguaros, prickly pear, agave, barrel cactus and cactus flowers is an excellent representation of the desert.  Every time I wear it multiple people comment on how much they like it.  It is a print which offers some “flair” while done on white and not over the top gives it still classy style.  They have a number of other new prints that really pop while remaining stylish.  The Cactus Cloud shirt has a great fit, is very comfortable and works great on and off the course. It is lightweight and moisture wicking tech fabric without getting too thin. Sizing is spot on as I wore a M like I do from most companies.

Hoodie Pullover

The Three Sixty Six Hooide Pullover is another one of my favorite new pieces.  While hoodies may not be everyone’s favorite as they still have a “too casual” vibe for some, hoodies remain a staple for cooler weather as they make a perfect layering piece.  The Three Sixty Six Hoodie is made of a stretchy, mid-weight, tech material.  This hoodies does not have a sweatshirt feel, but more of a tech pull over feel which makes it really nice at repelling wind and rain.  While not wind or rain proof, the tech material is very weather resistant.  I like the large selection of colors so that I could get something different while not getting wild.  I went with the Three Sixty Six Pullover Hoodie in Seafoam (light green).  I has nice black trim which works great with khaki, grey or black pants.  The sleeves have a larger opening at the wrist than some which actually makes it really easy off and on, even with a golf glove on.  The size M is a perfect fit as a warm layer.  I still could swing perfectly normal without any restrictions or binding.

1/4 Zip Pullover

The Three Sixty Six 1/4 Zip Pullover is a “must have” for any golfer.  It is probably the standard transition weather golf apparel piece.  Not too hot and not too cold means 1/4 zip weather.  Similar to the hoodie, this is a tech material pullover which means it can repel rain and wind even if it isn’t weatherproof.  I really like the numerous color selections again and went with a steel blue 1/4 zip pullover which goes with just about any color pants while offering a deep, yet muted tone.  It is very comfortable and warm enough for AZ winter golf.


Three Sixty Six continues to impress with new options, more colors and prints and expanded styles of pullovers.  If you feel bored and tired with your current golf apparel, check out Three Sixty Six.  If you want to add some flair to your golf shirt choices, you can pick my favorite print the Cactus Cloud or get a new pullover at great prices (especially if you use our coupon code IGR15)   Their motto of working 366 days a year, 8 day a week and 25 hours a day shows in the quality and choices of golf apparel.  Three Sixty Six Apparel offers value, style, fit and function.

For more information:  Three Sixty Six Website 

Get 15% off with code IGR15

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