REVIEW: Tifosi Optics Shwae Sunglasses

Every Golfer Should Have a Pair of Aviators
Aviator sunglasses are the most common style of men’s sunglasses ever made. If you want to wear a classic look, you need some aviators. This style has been around since the beginning of sunglasses, and can range from super cheap to crazy expensive; yet every golfer needs to have a pair of aviators in their arsenal. One problem that aviators might pose is their lack of “stick” to your face, meaning they can fly off or shift on your face during your swings. Tifosi built a pair of aviator sunglasses that look great and function very well for golf; the Shwaes are a pair of sunglasses you should have in your arsenal.
Living in AZ means I wear sunglasses every day.  I don’t want to wear the same pair all the time, no matter how much I like them.  Tifosi Optics newest style is really a retro style in the Shwae aviator look.  Having this style of sunglasses is a must have for anyone, especially if you wear sunglasses daily.  The Shwae style have 4 different frame colors and a couple different lens options.  I went with the grphite frames with smoke polarized lenses.  They also have gold frames and mirror lenses too if you want to feel true “retro”.
The Tifosi Optics Shwae aviator sunglasses work really well for golf because they fit snugly on the face.  Their metal construction flexes enough to be comfortable, but still tight enough to not move around for all 18 holes.  They don’t have hook style ear pieces, but “straight” arms that press and grip the temples firmly.  The nose pieces are also molded into the frames for durability and comfort.
I’ve always enjoyed Tifosi Optics lenses on the different pairs of sunglasses I have from them.  They offer great protection and superior clarity.  In the Shwae sunglasses I went with some smoke polarized lenses.  I love them for color, darkness and clarity.  They make the right colors pop which makes them easy to use in bright sun or even overcast weather.  The greens and the blues look great through polarized lenses.  The only downside was reading my Bushnell rangefinder.  It has a red LED display that gets “polarized” out so that I can barely see it with these sunglasses on.   So  depending on the type of rangefinder you use and the color of the display, you may or may not want to go polarized lenses.

The Tifosi Optics Shwae aviator style sunglasses are a must have for any golfer.  The classic style goes with just about any clothing style; fancy or laid back.  They are kind of retro, but still modern.  I think Tifosi Optics made another sturdy, stylish and price friendly pair of sunglasses for the golfer.  Even if you don’t golf, these will look great off the course.  Everyone needs a good pair of aviators in their sunglasses collection, golfers might just want to check out the Tifosi Optics Shwae.

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Quick Hits:
+Classic Style
+Tight but comfortable
+Polarized or non-polarized options
+Crystal clear lenses
+Excellent eye protection
+Strong metal frames