REVIEW: Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedges

Progressive CG for Progressively Closer Shots
The new buzz word in golf is CG.  Every company is talking about the CGs of their clubs.  Initially it was most important in driver, and now it is a focus of every club.  I’ve seen the difference through fittings and on-course results how important the right CG is for your game.  So it comes as no surprise that Bob Vokey incorporated progressive CG in his newest wedge line.  It also means that you can hit progressively closer shots to the pin.
The Vokey SM6 wedges have been in my bag much of the season.  They’ve gotten a little more of a long term review.  I’ve got probably 15 rounds in with these.  I wanted to really see over time how the progressive CG would impact my game.  While I feel that can typically get a good feel for clubs after 5 rounds, I wanted to put in a little more time with these than normal to see how it would play out.  I will say that the transition between the wedges is really key to dialing in your short game.  I’ve had wedge sets like Bombtech’s where one or two of the wedges were a good fit, but not all three.  This set however really fit the needs of my short game from top to bottom.  The flow of these wedges is really the biggest feature and reason to put these in the bag.  If you are just buying one wedge, these are good, but you are not maximizing the full potential of the CG.

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The CG of the Vokey wedges is low in the lower lofts, mid in the mid lofts and high in the higher lofts.  Kind of like a flighted system, to raise the flight of a lower lofted wedge and lowering the flight of the higher lofted wedges.  It allows you to generate a more consistent and accurate flight on the ball.  The CG helps create a consistent feel on each strike.  You’re able to feel the difference that the CG makes as you hit each wedge.  They all have a solid feel no matter the lie or desired shot.

The Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedges have a refined CG along with multiple grind options on the sole.  They are partnered with certain lofts and bounce options to make them best suited for the shots you will need to hit with them.  I went F Grind in the 50* and 54* and then M grind in the 58*.  This set up worked great for consistent distances with the 50* and 54* and creativity with the 58*.  I also went with the Black finish, which has been holding up as well as any black finish I’ve ever played.  I’m impressed how great they still look after 15 rounds.

The Titleist Vokey SM6 wedges also have a very good headshape.  From time to time some of the Vokey wedges haven’t fit my eye because of off-set or a leading edge that “bellies” out.  But the clean transition from hosel to leading edge along with a smooth rounded toe are a good fit to what I want to see when I look down at a wedge.

Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor

Titleist Vokey SM6 58* Wedge

    • Spin: 9987 rpms
    • Launch Angle: 49.8*
    • Dispersion: 2.8 yds
    • Club Head Speed: 76.0 mph
    • Ball Speed: 77.2 mph
    • Total Distance:  81.0 yds
    • Carry Distance:  79.0 yds

The Titleist SM6 Vokey wedges have a solid feel as the CG manipulation addresses that aspect of the club.  It is interesting how many aspects of the club and ball flight the CG impacts.  The most important is that they hit solid shot after solid shot close to the pin.  I’ve really been impressed by the accuracy and consistency of these Titleist Vokey SM6 wedges.  It obviously has something to do with the progressive CG that helps you hit progressively closer shots. 

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Quick Hits:
+Progressive CG
+Solid feel
+Great headshape
+Multiple grinds
+Closer Results